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David Mazouz > Television > Gotham > Screencaps
Posted on Dec 03 2014 by Lisa
October 2005

All My Children > Screencaps > October 2005
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Black Hollywood Live

Savannah Paige Rae > Interviews > Black Hollywood Live
Tyree Brown > Interviews > Black Hollywood Live
Xolo Mariduena > Interviews > Black Hollywood Live
Posted on Dec 03 2014 by Lisa
23 Days Til' Christmas!

Tristan Tierce appeared in the Halloween episode of General Hospital this year. His theatrical credits also include an episode of The Mindy Project, the film Django Unchained, and to keep up to date make sure to follow him on Twitter.

1. How did you get started in the industry?

I took the leap and my mom and I drove from Texas to Los Angeles to try it all out - it worked! And we continue to travel back and forth.

2. What was it like going on your very first audition, were you nervous at all?

I was nervous in the waiting room - it was intimidating being on a working studio lot for the first time - but once I was in the room with casting I was fine.

3. What is the best part of doing voice over work for Imaginext Adventures?

That's hard - I love everything about VO - there's just nothing like being in the booth recording!

4. How did you enjoy filming your Nestle commercial?

That was my first time on set - honestly, my mom and I were just enjoying taking it all in - I had to splash in the pond for this commercial, so I had wardrobe changes.

5. What was the experience like to film General Hospital?

It was fun, as all jobs are! Soap Operas move quickly, but everyone on GH is so nice.

6. What was it like working on The Mindy Project?

Mindy Kaling is very nice and very creative. She improvs a lot on set.

7. How did you enjoy working with Emily Skinner?

Emily was fun - I think it's a great benefit in this business that you get to work with and meet so many different people.

8. What was your time on set like filming Django Unchained?

Django was over the top awesome! Quentin Tarantino is cool. There were only 5 kids on set and he and the rest of the cast/crew treated us with respect. One shot we had to take about 20 times in a row and I was standing in mud holding a riffle, so it gets difficult after awhile, but that's all part of the love of making movies! Being able to actually meet and work with Mr. Tarantino was such an honor!

9. Who have been some of your favorite people to work with?

I've enjoyed everyone I've had the opportunity to work with, but working with Ron Howard on Arrested Development was the best! He had always been someone I wanted to meet since everyone told me I was like Opie when I was younger. He is truly the nicest man ever!

10. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Just having the opportunity to do what I love to do is such a blessing! I'm happy my parents have supported me in pursuing my passion for acting. It's an awesome dream!! You can continue to follow my career on Twitter or Facebook

We'd like to thank Tristan for participating in this year's Holiday Q&A Event!
Posted on Dec 02 2014 by Lisa
24 Days Til' Christmas!
Our annual Holiday Q&A Event is back! Make sure to visit us every day between now and December 25th to view Q&A's with many of the kids who have appeared on the shows covered at the site. Questions you've submitted have been answered (please note that similar questions to past years, personal questions, and multiple questions worded similar were not sent, and everyone receives 10), and this is going to be our biggest year yet! Kicking us off is Robbie Tucker who played Fen on YR!

Robbie Tucker played the role of Fenmore Baldwin on The Young and the Restless from 2009-2012. He currently plays the role of Fitzy on See Dad Run and has been busy working on a new project for Nickelodeon! To keep up to date make sure to keep checking back here at the site.

1. How did you enjoy working with Michelle Stafford on YR?

I didn't have that many scenes with Michelle Stafford, but when I did I remember she was really fun to be around and very nice.

2. What was the best part of filming the Holiday play?

I was a part of a few holiday plays and those Christmas scenes were always so much fun because ALL of the Y&R families were involved! The best part was that all of us kids got to hang out together at the same time!

3. Have you kept in contact with any of your The Young and the Restless castmates?

Samantha Bailey and I (and our families) have stayed friends (we used to film scenes together a lot). In fact I'll be going to her birthday party soon!

4. What was the experience like filming your McDonald's commercial?

The McDonalds commercial was a great project! We shot that at a house in Pasadena. It was a long day but really fun working with the other actors who were my age. And we got to pretend to be super heroes....how cool was that!

5. How did you enjoy working with Kristin Chenoweth for Family Weekend?

Kristen Chenoweth played my mom on Family Weekend. She was so funny and always singing! It was such a fun film to be a part of and Kristen's character was so funny ... it was great to watch her film her scenes. I was only 10 then, but I still knew she was a big actor and I was proud to be able to work with her and learn from her.

6. What was it like filming an episode of Awkward?

Working on Awkward was awesome! It's my sister's show so I knew everyone and they knew me so I was comfortable. And working together with my sister was something that both Jillian and I always wanted to do and hope to do again!

7. Do you prefer to film movies or TV shows and why?

I really enjoy doing both pretty equally, but if I have to pick I would say TV. Every episode is different and I like the energy!

8. How would you describe your character Fitzy on See Dad Run?

Fitzy on SDR was Joe Hobbs best friend. They weren't the real popular kids and they were kinda nerdy. When I auditioned for Fitzy I brought that nerdy character to him and added his glasses during the audition process and the producers loved me! Fitzy would try to act cool and he always supported Joe and his ideas!

9. What is the best part about filming live for the show?

Filming live is awesome and the best part is feeling the energy from the audience and hearing their "live" responses and then afterwards getting to meet the fans!

10. What have you been up to this year?

It's been a very busy 2014. I filmed 5 new episodes of SDR that have been airing recently. I've been on a bunch of auditions and getting into the producers on all of them. I've been pinned for a couple along the way so I feel that soon the right role will come up for me again it's such a long process! I just worked on a voice over for an animated Nickelodeon short that will air in January between shows. I LOVE voice over work so I'm really excited about the project. I have an voice over project I just did for Intel that's in the works, and as I write I'm crossing my fingers on a pilot that I'm being considered for. Hopefully I'll be able to share good news on that soon!

We'd like to thank Robbie for participating in this year's Holiday Q&A Event!

(Image by Deidhra Fahey)
Posted on Dec 01 2014 by Lisa
New Layouts!
The holiday season is upon us and we're getting in the festive spirit at the site! We have two brand new layouts to celebrate the holidays with the main featuring one of our favorite Christmas' on General Hopsital and the gallery looks at the only Christmas episode we've seen on Parenthood. Stay tuned for our Holiday Q&A event kicking off later tonight!
Posted on Dec 01 2014 by Lisa
Our last COTM of the year has been chosen and for December we have selected Cade Sutton! He currently Eli on the Disney XD series Kirby Buckets and also has two films set to release next year.
Posted on Dec 01 2014 by Lisa
Grey's Anatomy

Kyle Red Silverstein > Television > Grey's Anatomy > Screencaps
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Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn

Mace Coronel > Television > Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn > Episode Stills
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Instant Mom

Haley Pullos > Television > Instant Mom > Screencaps
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December 2004

Passions > Screencaps > December 2004
Posted on Dec 01 2014 by Heaven
November 2005

All My Children > Screencaps > November 2005
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