August 2010
August 2010 screencaps for OLTL are now up in the gallery.

Posted on Aug 31 2010 by Lisa
Passions 2005
Passions may be over but there are still tons and tons of caps we never got up. Here's the first of many BIG updates for passions.

Posted on Aug 31 2010 by Heaven
Primetime Emmy Awards
It was a big night last night for the cast of Modern Family. Nolan and his fellow cast mates took home a few Emmy Awards. I hope to have video of them during the show up very soon but for now here are some pics of Nolan arriving for the big night, accepting their award. Also some of him at the Pre-Emmy parties.
We’d also like to send out HUGE congrats to the cast on their win.

Posted on Aug 30 2010 by Heaven
Awardz Monday
Today marks the start of a new week, a new voting period for a brand new award, and also...the last award for the 2nd Annual Star-Kidz Awardz. This past year we have seen many kids leave their roles and we hope that we see them all again in new projects soon. To end off this year's Awardz everyone will be voting in 'The Comeback' category, which showcases some of those whom we have had to see go, and you are selecting who you think will be coming back with new projects soon.
Posted on Aug 30 2010 by Lisa
Wedding Episode Stills
Danielle's episode stills for the wedding scenes this past week are now in the gallery.

Posted on Aug 29 2010 by Lisa
United Colors of Benetton
Not too long ago we added an image from Lucy's United Colors of Benetton campaign that had surfaced. We are now happy to say that we have just added more images to the gallery from this shoot, including the ones with the lambs some have been hoping to see!!

Posted on Aug 27 2010 by Lisa
A Single Man
Here are the caps of Ryan Simpkins and Aaron Sander's in A Single Man.

Posted on Aug 26 2010 by Heaven
Disney Princess and the Frog Slumber Party
Back in December, Braden, along with Becky Herbst's children and more friends participated in the Disney Princess and the Frog Slumber Party. Images from the party are now up in the gallery.

Posted on Aug 26 2010 by Lisa
Star Kidz Awardz
A little late, we do apologize, there were some big technical difficulties the past few days, but we now have this weeks award nominees up and the voting page all set for everyone to vote for the Favorite Line award!!! The summer is almost over and that means so is the Star-Kidz Awardz. This is the second last week, so everyone make sure to continue voting and stay tuned next week for our final award of the year!
Posted on Aug 24 2010 by Lisa
Fan Clubs
Lexi Ainsworth and Haley Pullos both now have official fan clubs! If you head on over to Your Number One Fan you can find out more information on how to join.
Posted on Aug 21 2010 by Lisa
Taylor Spreitler: Big Opening for 'Melissa & Joey'
Taylor Spreitler hides her hair under a winter cap in this new still from Melissa & Joey.

The new series, starring former television stars Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence, launched as the net’s No. 1 series premiere ever in Adults 18-49. Woohoo!

Check out what’s coming up on the series:

“Nanny Love” - Joe experiences difficulties in attracting women after telling them of his not so “manly” nanny job. Airing Tuesday, August 24 @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.
“Boy Toys ‘R’ Us” - Lennox starts dating a bad boy that Mel disapproves of, while Mel is also dating a bad boy of her own. Airing Tuesday, August 31 @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

Taylor also stepped out at the 2010 AOL Geek Awards held at The Conga Room in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (August 18).

Credit goes to Just Jared Jr

Posted on Aug 21 2010 by Heaven
Trevor Episode Stills
Episode stills for 'Trevor' at the park the other day are now up.

Posted on Aug 20 2010 by Lisa
Melissa and Joey
I hope everyone got a chance to catch Taylor Spreitler in her brand new TV show Melissa and Joey. She did such a great job and the show in general is such a hit. Congrats Taylor on your brand new HIT show.

Posted on Aug 19 2010 by Heaven
Happy Birthday Hope and Fatih
Who: Hope and Faith Dever
When: August 19, 2005
Age: 5
Role: Molly, GH
Info: Hope and Faith Dever played the role of Molly on GH. The girls were also seen on shows such as Desperate Housewives and Invasion

Happy Birthday Hope and Faith! We hope you have a great day!
Posted on Aug 19 2010 by Lisa
Happy Birthday
A few August Birthday Wishes...

Who: Amber DeMarco
When: August 01, 2001
Age: 9
Role: Amy, Passions
Info: Amber played the role of Amy on Passions for three episodes. She previously appeared in an episode of House.

Happy Birthday Amber! We hope you had a great day!

Who: Amyrh Harris
When: August 02, 2002
Age: 8
Role: Theo, Days
Info: Amyrh briefly played the role of Theo on Days. He has also been on Flavor of Love and is currently working on his music career.

Happy Birthday Amyrh! We hope you had a great day!

Who: Kara and Shelby Hoffman
When: August 02, 2002
Age: 8
Role: Kristina, GH
Info: Kara and Shelby Hoffman started out as Kristina on GH, and soon moved on to playing Sunny in the feature film A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Happy Birthday Kara and Shelby! We hope you had a great day!

Who: Rylee Fransler
When: August 05, 1999
Age: 11
Role: Young Sheridan, Passions
Info: Rylee played the role of Young Sheridan on Passions. She has also been seen on Lost and most recently, Modern Family.

Happy Birthday Rylee! We hope you had a great day!

Who: Karleigh and McKenna Larson
When: August 10, 2009
Age: 1
Role: Josslyn, GH
Info: Karleigh and McKenna play the role of Josslyn on on GH. The girls have gotten to work with actor James Franco twice so far since late 2009.

Happy Birthday Karleigh and McKenna! We hope you had a great day!

Who: Cassi Thomson
When: August 14, 1993
Age: 17
Role: Cara Lynn, Big Love
Info: Cassi plays the role of Cara Lynn on Big Love. She has also been seen on shows such as CSI, ER, and Hawthorne.

Happy Birthday Cassi! We hope you had a great day!

Who: Kiersten Havelock
When: August 15, 1994
Age: 16
Role: Emma, Lost
Info:Kiersten played the role of Emma on Lost for a few episodes.

Happy Birthday Kiersten! We hope you had a great day!
Posted on Aug 19 2010 by Lisa
We are sadden to say goodbye to Hailey & Lauren Sinnema from the role of Sydney. We hope the girls the best in their future auditions. But we are also excited to announce the brand new girls who will be taking over the role next month. Elizabeth & Mariam are not new to tv. The girls can be seen in show’s like Heroes and The Unit, and were in the mega hit movie The Hangover. Well keep you posted on the girls and their premiere so stay tuned. And we welcome the girls to the Star-Kidz family.
Posted on Aug 18 2010 by Heaven
Media for Wyatt Smith's episode of NCIS is now up.
Posted on Aug 18 2010 by Heaven
The Morning Blend
On Monday morning Danielle Parker was a guest on The Morning Blend in Las Vegas to talk about her AMC debut. Media for the interview has now been added to the site.

Posted on Aug 18 2010 by Lisa
The Dream Magazine Top 16 Under 16
The Dream Magazine recently did a "Top 16 Under 16" feature which included Bella, Madeline, Sammi and Saige! Images from the shoot are up courtesy The Dream Magazine and don't forget to head on over to their site to read the interviews from this feature.

Posted on Aug 17 2010 by Lisa
Flipped Premiere
How gorgeous does Madeline Carroll look at the premiere of her movie Flipped.
Posted on Aug 16 2010 by Heaven
Awardz Monday
The latest nomination video is now up on our site Youtube channel ready for voting. This week we are showcasing the nominations for Favorite TV Sibset. We know not everyone in the groups are siblings with each other in some cases, but they share the same brother or sister. (ex. Emma and Ian are not siblings but both share Spike as a brother). We hope that everyone will take a moment to vote, and please note that sibling sets are also based on the beliefs of the characters on the shows at this time, as well.
Posted on Aug 16 2010 by Lisa
The second big change that we have made this weekend is...launching a Facebook account for the site!! Just search "Star Kidz" to add us as a friend. Our profile pic is of "Emma, Kathy, Lil A" on All My Children back in 2009, and for those reading this at a later date...keep an eye out for our new logo.

The account is not all we have going on in the Facebook world! Each and every character we cover on this site (unless they are past due to aged beyond child) has a fanpage maintained by the Star-Kidz staff. Search any one of them and click "like" to keep up to date on any news, videos, and anything pertaining to the character. We have created these accounts to give fans of the roles and the kids in them a space on Facebook to show that they are a fan. We have noticed some character accounts created, especially for the soaps, and these are role players, not associated with the show, the families, or us. The Star-Kidz facebook has also "liked" every single one of the pages we've created, so if you are unsure if the page is the one maintained by us, simply look at out pages list to be directed to the correct one.

We hope to see a lot of you on Facebook in the coming days and don't forget to check back tomorrow for the latest in the Star-Kidz Awardz.
Posted on Aug 15 2010 by Lisa
Star-Kidz Site
STAR-KIDZ Staff is proud to reveal our brand new kids pages. We have been working for weeks to change up the site and fix the kids pages. We still have lots more in store but for now you can head over to the Kids pages and check out the brand new pages, complete with character images to represent each kid in the role (where possible), biographies, and resumes. smile
Posted on Aug 14 2010 by Heaven
Photo's of Sterling Beaumon at the EW SYFY Celebrate Comic Con & at the Rock Star Media Lounge events have been added.

Posted on Aug 14 2010 by Heaven
Sunny D
Media for Remy Thorne's commercial for Sunny D has now been added.

Posted on Aug 14 2010 by Lisa
Miss Me
Images of Bella for the company Miss Me have now been added to the gallery.

Posted on Aug 13 2010 by Lisa
‘All My Children’: Orlando 8-year-old lands role
The newest resident of Pine Valley used to live in Orlando.

Danielle Parker, who is 8, on Monday begins her role as Emma on ABC’s “All My Children.” Emma is the daughter of Annie and Ryan.

“She started doing plays in Kissimmee,” mom says. “That’s how she got started at 4. After she did her first play, she came off the stage and said she wanted to do more. She wanted to act on television and in the movies.”

The Parkers —moved west last year to give Danielle more opportunities. The family lives in Nevada, and drives into Los Angeles for auditions. Danielle has appeared in pilots, commercials and student films. The soap is her biggest job yet.

“She says she wants to be an actor,” Danielle's mom says of her daughter. “She wants to go to film school. She knows she has to go to college. She’s an excellent student. We keep her in regular school. She maintains a straight-A average.”

But it was very hard to leave Orlando, mom says. “We loved living in Orlando,” she says. “If you ask Danielle where’s home, she’ll say Orlando.”

The Parkers also moved west to be near acting coach Karen Storms, who had worked with Danielle in Orlando.

“Having Karen to work with is a huge plus,” Parker says. “Karen helped us get a manager.”

Storms, the mother of “General Hospital” actress Kirsten Storms, raves about Danielle.

“For an 8-year-old, she has an uncanny ability to understand and get into different characters,” Karen Storms says. “She is very mature and intelligent, and in my coaching sessions with her, the two of us have great conversations about the character’s emotions, needs and intentions. Not too many young actors can do this. I knew when I started working with her when she was 5, that she had quite a vivid imagination, and could carry on a conversation with anyone.”

That skill should come in handy when Danielle works with Susan Lucci.
Posted on Aug 12 2010 by Lisa
Little Maven
Aerowyn, one of the newest children to join the AMC cast, recently shot for the company Little Maven which is by Tori Spelling. Images from the shoot are now up.

Posted on Aug 12 2010 by Lisa
Desperate Housewives
Media for Zane Huett's Season 3 of Desperate Housewives has now been added.

Posted on Aug 11 2010 by Heaven
Hope's Fairy Tale
Media for Harley Graham in the short Hope's Fairy Tale has now been added.

Posted on Aug 11 2010 by Lisa
Ghost Whisperer
Media for Dylan and Jordan's episode of Ghost Whisperer is now up.

Posted on Aug 10 2010 by Lisa
2010 Teen Choice Awards
What a busy busy weekend this has been. Yesterday was the 2010 Teen Choice Awards which many STAR-KIDZ kids attended. Prior to the big show TJ Maxx help a Teen Choice Retreat which all the stars attended. We've got photo's of Kenton Duty, Nolan Gould, Mackenzie Aladjem, Bella & Remy Thorne, and Savannah & Emily Rae at the Retreat aswell as photo's of Taylor Spreitler and Nolan Gould at the awards.

Posted on Aug 09 2010 by Heaven
"Days" July Screencaps
Screencaps for the month of July on "Days of our Lives" have been added to the gallery.

Posted on Aug 09 2010 by Susan
Jimmy Kimmel
Caps for Keegan Boo's skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live are now up in the gallery.

Posted on Aug 09 2010 by Heaven
Emily Alyn Lind
Since the news broke the other week about the "Emma" actress switch, we know many of you have been wondering about Emily, and we left a little hint that things have worked out well for both actresses and now we are going to share some fantastic Emily news!! Emily has booked not one but...TWO movies! The first is a TV movie called November Christmas which will be airing on both Hallmark and CBS just after thanksgiving. Emily plays the role of Vanessa, a young girl with cancer. It is going to be a wonderful and emotional movie. Her second film is called The Haunting in Georgia where she plays the role of Heidi. It will be a feature film!! It has just begun production, so there aren't too many details yet, but we will keep everyone posted.
Posted on Aug 09 2010 by Lisa
Awardz Monday
We would like to thank everyone who submitted their votes last week to help determine a winner for the award!! Today we have added up this week's new award and set of nominees for you to vote for. This week you will be screening the nominations for the New Role Award and voting. We hope that everyone continues to vote, there are only a few weeks left of the summer and a few awardz left before the winners are all announced.
Posted on Aug 09 2010 by Lisa
American Rebel
Peyton List recently visited 'American Rebel' and thanks to Jade we have four images up in the gallery.

Posted on Aug 08 2010 by Lisa
One Two Three LOVE
Media for Carolyn and Campbell Rose's short One Two Three LOVE has now been added to the site.

Posted on Aug 07 2010 by Lisa
Hailey & Lauren on I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
Caps from Hailey & Lauren Sinnema's episode of I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant are now in the gallery.

Hailey & Lauren Hailey & Lauren
Posted on Aug 07 2010 by Toni
Media for Bella Thorne's new commercial for KMart has been added. Two versions of the commercial were added.

Posted on Aug 07 2010 by Heaven
Bella Thorne has recently been spotted modeling for Mudd in the weekly Kohls ads. Images of her in the flyers for the past couple of weeks are now up.

Posted on Aug 06 2010 by Lisa
GH Fan Club Weekend
At the end of last month General Hospital hosted its annual Fan Club Weekend. Courtesy of Amber, Carissa and Tim, we have photos of Lexi, Haley, Aaron and Davin attending various events throughout the weekend. Thanks everyone!!

Posted on Aug 05 2010 by Lisa
Randazzo Twins
Zach and Chris Randazzo recently turned 2, and have grown so much since we saw them last season in Big Love! Courtesy of the Randazzo family, we have some brand new candids of the boys taken within recent weeks. Thanks Randazzo family!!

Posted on Aug 04 2010 by Lisa
NBC All-Star Party
Images of Tyree, Savannah and Emily at the NBC All-Star Party last week are now up.

Posted on Aug 03 2010 by Lisa
Disney Summer TCA's
Bella Thorne and Nolan Gould Attended the Disney Summer TCA’s

Posted on Aug 03 2010 by Heaven
Meet My Mom
Media for Charles Wyson's Movie Meet My Mom is now up.

Posted on Aug 02 2010 by Heaven
Awardz Monday
There will be no new set of nominations to vote on this week for the Star-Kidz Awardz....the reason behind that is...we only had ONE vote last week for the current set of nominations. It is not fair to those selected to be a part of this award to have the winner determined by one vote and it is not fair to us who put countless hours into bringing you these awardz. Not just the week of each award, but over the entire year as we keep track of who has done what in the time frame and continuously work through nominations through each category. We have decided to leave the current voting session up in hopes that those who come to this site will take a minute to vote, and the following week we can continue on with new awardz.
Posted on Aug 02 2010 by Lisa
July 2010
July 2010 GH screencaps are now up in the gallery. Not only has every single kid been in at least 2 episodes this month...but out of the 21 episodes GH aired in July...all 21 episodes featured at least one of the kids.

Posted on Aug 02 2010 by Lisa
Our COTM for August is....Abby and Emma McCoy!! The girls used to play the role of Maria on Passions and most recently have been spotted in an episode of CSI: Miami.
Posted on Aug 01 2010 by Lisa
July 2010
July 2010 screencaps for OLTL are now up in the gallery

Posted on Aug 01 2010 by Lisa
Caps from Jared Gilmore and Kwesi Boakye's episodes of HawthoRNe are now up. Don't forget Jared's 2nd episode will be airing August 10th.

Posted on Aug 01 2010 by Heaven
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