AMC Screencaps
April screencaps for AMC are now up.

Posted on Apr 30 2010 by Lisa
OLTL Screencaps
OLTL April screencaps are now up

Posted on Apr 30 2010 by Lisa
In the Motherhood V.2
Screencaps for Davin Ransom's appearance on the ABC version of In the Motherhood are now up.

Posted on Apr 29 2010 by Lisa
In the Motherhood
Before All My Children, Dannika Northcott had a recurring role in the web series of In the Motherhood playing the role of Jenny. Screencaps for 5 episodes are now up.

Posted on Apr 29 2010 by Lisa
Band-Aid Commercial
Look who's singing the Band-Aid jingle! Aaron and Griffin Kunitz are currently airing in a brand new Band-Aid commercial, screencaps are now in the gallery.

Posted on Apr 29 2010 by Lisa
Kristina Hospital Stills
Over 60 episode stills from Kristina's time in the hospital are now in the gallery.

Posted on Apr 28 2010 by Lisa
Outside Projects
Screencaps for three outside projects have been added to the gallery: Aaron Refvem on Two and a Half Men, Robert Danza Jr on Mercy, and Paris Yates on iCarly.

Posted on Apr 28 2010 by Lisa
Lots Of Screencaps

Posted on Apr 27 2010 by Heaven
GH Stills
Aaron, Haley and Lexi stills from a few episodes that aired around the last week or two are now in the gallery.

Posted on Apr 27 2010 by Lisa
April Birthdays
We have a few special birthdays to celebrate for the end of this month:

Who: Aaron and Griffin Kunitz
When: April 22, 2005
Age: 5
Role: Johhny, Days
Info:Aaron and Griffin currently play the role of Johnny on Days. Since being on the show their projects include numerous commercials including ones for Target and T-Mobile. Most recently, the have been filming lots at Days and have also been spending time trying to raise money for Haiti.

Happy Birthday Aaron and Griffin! We hope you had a great day!

Who: Rebecca and Jacqueline Levine
When: April 23, 2007
Age: 3
Role: Jenny, AMC
Info:Rebecca and Jacqueline played the role of Jenny on AMC from the Christening episode to the shows 10,000th episode. They absolutely loved their fellow cast members especially their "big sister" Alexa. Outside of AMC they filmed the Anne Hathaway movie Rachel Getting Married and have done some print.

Happy Birthday Rebecca and Jacqueline! We hope you had a great day!

Who: Joshua and Jacob Rips
When: April 25, 2000
Age: 10
Role: Zack, Days
Info:Joshua and Jacob were one of the first and most known sets of twins to be playing Zack on Days in the early years. Having been involved in numerous storylines, and extras outside of filming such as photoshoots, the boys really seemed to have a fantastic time on the show.

Happy Birthday Joshua and Jacob! We hope you had a great day!

Who: Peyton and Spencer List
When: April 1998
Age: 12
Role: Young Bess, AMC (Peyton)
Info:Peyton appeared in an episode of AMC as 'Older Bess'. Her career currently is off to a booming start with numerous movies and features in teen magazines. Her twin brother Spencer is also in the business having shot numerous print campaigns and television shows. He gave a fantastic performance not too long ago in the show Fringe.

Happy Birthday Peyton and Spencer! We hope you had a great day!
Posted on Apr 26 2010 by Lisa
Series Update

Posted on Apr 25 2010 by Heaven
AMC Actor Finn Wittrock Compliments Younger Co-Stars
Recently AMC actor Finn Witwrock (Damon) gave the opportunity for fans to ask him questions about AMC, his career and anything else they may want to know. Well recently the answers have gone up on Facebook and one of those answered is ours on working with the Paseler twins. Here is what he had to say when asked: How did you like working with David and Damian and the babies near the end of the NYC taping who played Stuart? Was it hard working with such young castmates?

Those babies were the best babies ever. I totally miss them. So well behaved and unbelievably cute, and they make you have to be a really good actor because you know the baby is going to take the attention away from you. Yeah, they were great co-actors.

To read the rest of the Q&A please click here
Posted on Apr 25 2010 by Lisa
Morgan and Josslyn Stills
Episode stills for Morgan and Josslyn from around the time of Josslyn's arrival home are now added to the gallery.

Posted on Apr 25 2010 by Lisa
Parenthood Stills
Thanks to Sarah we now have a bunch of Parenthood episode stills available in the gallery. Don't forget to tune in this Tuesday on NBC.

Posted on Apr 25 2010 by Lisa
Some Passions
Here are some 2005 and 2006 episodes.

Posted on Apr 24 2010 by Heaven
Entertainment Tonight
Entertainment Tonight recently sat down with cast members of General Hospital to discuss the show and the genre. Star-Kidz's own Lexi Ainsworth was a part of the cast chosen for this opportunity.

Posted on Apr 23 2010 by Lisa
God Gave Me You
Recently Carolyn Rose filmed a music video for Dave Barnes. The video for the song "God Gave Me You" has now been released and caps are in the gallery. The video is also in our Days video section.

Posted on Apr 23 2010 by Lisa
Introducing...AMC Edition

Many have wondered and some have asked who is playing Kathy on AMC. Thanks to IMDB we are now allowed to provide the name of the young actress in the role and we would like to give a Star-Kidz welcome to Dannika Northcott. Dannika is not new to TV having appeared in In the Motherhood and other credits include the film Lower Learning. Welcome to Star-Kidz Dannika!

The next welcome we have to make is a lil cutie who appeared a few months ago....Christmas time to be more exact. Amongst the Martin household we saw a different actor in the role of Trevor. We are happy to welcome Joey to the Star-Kidz family and cannot wait to see what is ahead for him in his career.
Posted on Apr 23 2010 by Lisa
Days January, February & March

Posted on Apr 21 2010 by Heaven
Happy Birthday Alex Ben and Caleb!
Who: Alex Ben and Caleb Eckstein
When: April 21, 2006
Age: 4
Role: Spike, AMC
Info:Alex Ben and Caleb took over the role of Spike Lavery in 2007 where they continued to air in the role through to 2010. During that time Alex appeared in the movie Ghost Town and the family shot a series of commercials for Diaper Genie. The boys most recently aired in an episode of ABC's Ugly Betty.

Happy Birthday Alex Ben and Caleb! We hope you have a great day!
Posted on Apr 21 2010 by Lisa
Parenthood Renewed
Fantastic news for Parenthood fans! Young actor Tyree Brown (Jabbar) has just revealed that the cast has been informed they will be back for another season!

Also don't forget to tune into tonight's new episode at 10pm EST on NBC
Posted on Apr 20 2010 by Lisa
Happy Birthday Elle and Ithaca
Who: Elle and Ithaca Kremer
When: April 19, 2007
Age: 3
Role: Allie, Days
Info:Elle and Ithaca played the role of Allie on Days working with some of the shows great talents. The girls have also shot an episode of CSI and we cannot wait to see what the future brings.

Happy Birthday Elle and Ithaca! We hope you have a great day!
Posted on Apr 19 2010 by Lisa
Davide on Hip Hop Harry
Davide was a series regular on Hip Hop Harry before heading on tour with the Kidz Bop kids. His episodes have been repeating themselves on Discovery Kids and i got a chance to grab some of them. Here are the first of many to come

Posted on Apr 17 2010 by Heaven
AMC Kids Outside Projects
Screencaps for Alex Ben and Caleb on Ugly Betty and Devon on United States of Tara are now in the gallery

Posted on Apr 17 2010 by Lisa
Happy Birthday Alina!
Who: Alina Foley
When: April 16th
Age: 7 years old
Role: Claire on Days from January to March 2008
Info: It has now been over two years since Alina left the role of Claire on Days. Her time on the show was short but amazing enough to really jump start her career. After leaving the show, Alina booked a pilot and later on that year, shot the movie "The Spy Next Door" along-side action superstar Jackie Chan and fellow star-kid Madeline Carroll. The movie was released to theaters in January 2010 and will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray May 18th. She also appears on the FX show "The League" and appeared in 3 of 6 episodes in the first season. The second season will begin in the late summer.

In honor of Alina's 7th birthday, I have once again made a birthday video. I always look forward to making these videos for her each year (this is the third one that I have made)!

Happy 7th Birthday Alina! I hope you had some fun!
Posted on Apr 16 2010 by Susan
It's Commercial Time
Here are two latest commercial from two of our extra kids. Aramis Knight in a McDonalds commercial and Cameron Boyce in a new Lunchables commercial.

Posted on Apr 16 2010 by Heaven
Randazzo Fun!
Zach and Chris has a really fun Easter Sunday, including a nice little photoshoot out in the gorgeous weather surrounded by nature. Thanks to the Randazzo family we have three new absolutely adorable images of the boys!

Posted on Apr 16 2010 by Lisa
Yesterday marked the return of Ian on All My Children. We're proud to announce that Britton Reeder is the new cutie playing the part. Britton and on screen big brother Jake having a great time on set.
Posted on Apr 15 2010 by Heaven
2010 Young Artist Awards
This past weekend the annual Young Artist Awards was held in Los Angeles. Several STAR-KIDZ kids were in attendance.
STAR-KIDZ would like to congratulate Haley Pullos on winning Best Performance in a TV Series for General Hospital. Emily Rae for winning Best Performance in a TV Series Guest Starring on Private Practice. Nolan Gould along with Rico Rodriguez and Ariel Winter for winning Outstanding Young Performers in a TV Series for Modern Family, and Sterling Beaumon for Best Performance in Live Theater for Big- The Musical.
Posted on Apr 14 2010 by Heaven
Mackenzie on Nurse Jackie

Posted on Apr 13 2010 by Heaven
Emily's Raisin brand Commercial
Posted on Apr 13 2010 by Heaven
Aaron's Commercial
Posted on Apr 11 2010 by Heaven
Days February 2010

Posted on Apr 11 2010 by Heaven
Happy Birthday Alexa!!!
Who: Alexa Gerasimovich

When: April 11, 2002

Age: 8 Years

Role: Kathy Martin, AMC

Info: Alexa joined the cast of All My Children in 2006 in the role of Kathy whom she continued to play until the shows move to LA for 2010. In addition to her AMC work Alexa has been seen in a variety of television shows and print jobs, while also attending various events with her AMC co-stars.

Happy Birthday Alexa! We hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Posted on Apr 11 2010 by Lisa
Happy Birthday!!!
We have a couple of April Birthday Wishes to give today:

Who:Alyssa and Lauren Libby

When:April 4, 2000

Age: 10 Years

Role: Zack Brady, Days

Info: Alyssa and Lauren played Zack as a baby. Not too much is known about the girls, other than their time on Days.

Happy Birthday Alyssa and Lauren! We hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Who:Danica and Dakota Hobbs

When: April 5, 2006

Age: 4 Years

Role: Ciara Brady, Days

Info: Danica and Dakota were the first girls to play Ciara on Days until the character was aged in 2008. In addition the girls had an appearance on

Happy Birthday Danica and Dakota! We hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Who: Grace Dever

When: April 10, 2003

Age: 7 Years

Info: Grace is the older sister of Hope and Faith Dever who played Molly on GH. Grace is no stranger to the camera having appeared in an episode of CSI: NY amongst numerous commercials, print jobs and editorial work.

Happy Birthday Grace! We hope you had a wonderful birthday!
Posted on Apr 11 2010 by Lisa
Haley in The Collector
Posted on Apr 10 2010 by Heaven
Emily on Medium
Got a suprise last night when tuning into the new episode of Medium...our own Star Kid Emily Alyn Lind was a guest star!! Screencaps are now in the gallery and a clip has been added to our AMC videos section. As well we have a headshot of Emily's in the gallery that was given to us with special permission and we need to ask that the photo NOT be removed for any reason whatsoever. It has been asked that it stay specifically in the gallery only.

Posted on Apr 10 2010 by Lisa
Island infants make TV debut
Next to their first gurgling noises and first attempts at rolling over, identical twins Sophia and Audrina Miscione have one less typical milestone to add to their baby book: Our first starring role on a daytime soap opera.

The 5-month old twins are sharing the role of Sierra Rose, the latest character to raise paternity questions on ABC’s “One Life to Live.”

In a recurring role, they take turns playing the daughter of the scheming and, as of last week, late Stacy Morasco (Crystal Hunt).

Stardom fell into the lap of the little Misciones.

A cousin of mom had gone to a Tottenville-based management agency to sign up her son, and learned that the company was searching for an infant set of identical twins.

Look-alike babies help producers keep the tapes rolling in light of labor laws that limit kids’ camera time to 20-minute stretches. Twins can simply take turns filling the same role.

The Misciones go to the studio a few times a week, switching off while under the care of their mom and a staff nurse.

“It’s great, actually, it’s like having a second family,” said Mrs. Miscione. “The twins are very nosy and they love people, and they get so much attention over there.”

The twins’ income will go into a trust fund that could help them pay for college.

“We were thinking of their future,” said Mrs. Miscione, whose family includes her husband and their 11-year-old son. “There will be college and cars, and we’ll have two that will be the same age and it’s not like you get a break.”

Mrs. Miscione happens also to have been a fan of “One Life to Live” since she was a teen-ager.
Posted on Apr 09 2010 by Lisa
Date Night Premiere
Three STAR-KIDZ cuties attended the Date Night Movie Premiere in New York City tuesday night. Co-Star's Jonathan Heit and Savannah Rae attended. Savannah's older sister Emily Rae was also there. Make sure to go check out the movie which comes out to theaters near you tomorrow.
Posted on Apr 08 2010 by Heaven
Spike Returns
As many of you have noticed, in yesterday's episode a photo of Kendall and her eldest son Spike was shown on Erica's computer. Spike is indeed returning to the show next week when Zendall make their appearence. And STAR-KIDZ would like to welcome Jake Vaughn to the family. Jake has done several commercial's and Print projects. Keep checking back as we add his work to the gallery.
Posted on Apr 08 2010 by Heaven
Atticus on The Middle

Posted on Apr 07 2010 by Heaven
Saige in Frankenhood
Posted on Apr 05 2010 by Heaven
Dylan on Grey's Anatomy
Posted on Apr 05 2010 by Heaven
GH March 2010
March screencaps for GH are now in the gallery

Posted on Apr 04 2010 by Lisa
AMC March 2010
March 2010 screencaps are now up in the gallery for AMC


Posted on Apr 04 2010 by Lisa
OLTL March 2010
March screencaps for OLTL are now up in the gallery

Posted on Apr 04 2010 by Lisa
Aramis on Cold Case
Posted on Apr 04 2010 by Heaven
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