Michigan Kidz Idol -June 5, 2010

This is your chance to be a Star in front of a studio audience. Boys and girls between the ages of 5 thru 12 years will compete for the title of Michigan Kidz Idol.

Open Call Auditions will be held from April-May 2010

You will audition in front of Talent Scouts. If chosen you will register to compete in the main competition. Please do not bring DVD, or CD to audition. You must sing without music enhancements and no lip sync just your natural voice.

The main singing contest will be held in front of a studio audience.

Special Guest:
Terrell Ransom Jr. Who plays Theo Carver on the award winning soap opera “Days Of Our Lives”

Judges---there will be a panel of Four Judges who are in or affiliated with the entertainment industry. To Audition Contact Michigan Kidz Idol at 248-592-1228
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Lots Of Random Pic
I've bee adding lots of pics from various events kids have attended from recent to older ones.
Ryan at A Single Man Premiere
Ryan's Dinner at Katsuya
Jonathan Bedtime Stories Reading
Jonathan's Dinner at Katsuya
Lexi Shorts Premiere
Jonathan Lollipops and Rainbows Foundation
Saige at The eWorld Music Awards
Sterling When in Rome Premiere
Mackennzie Free Style Premiere
Sammi When in Rome Premiere
Wyatt 2009 Teen Choice Awards
Cassi at the HBO Luxury Lounge
Taylor When in Rome Premiere
Kwesi NAACP Awards
Ty Dinner at Katsuya
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Who Is Clark Rockerfeller?
In her movie premiere Emily Lind play's Reigh Boss. The real life story of the child kidnapped by her father in 2008. Who Is Clark Rockerfeller premiere's on Lifetime March 13th. I've added several stills to the gallery from the movie.
Posted on Feb 27 2010 by Heaven
AMC February 2010
AMC February 2010 screencaps are now up in the gallery

Posted on Feb 26 2010 by Lisa
February 2010
February 2010 screencaps for OLTL are now up in the gallery

Posted on Feb 26 2010 by Lisa
Pop On Pals Commercial
The Kunitz boys sure are on a role with commercials! Aaron Kunitz recently filmed a new commercial for the new Pop on Pals toy and thanks to Alyssa Marie's Official Site we have screencaps in the gallery and you can see the clip in the videos section.

Posted on Feb 26 2010 by Lisa
Daytime Emmy Prenoms
The Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations have just been released and we would like to congratulate Dylan Patton on his pre-nom! Way to go!

A full list of pre-nominations for all of the soaps can be found at: We Love Soaps
Posted on Feb 26 2010 by Lisa
Big Love Season 04 Episode 07
Posted on Feb 25 2010 by Heaven
Yesterday Emily Lind debuted on AMC as Emma, some of you may have been feeling like you've seen her on TV before...and you are right! Since September Emily had been playing the recurring role of 'Emily Gardener' on ABC's Eastwick. Screencaps for her episodes, including her major unaired in North America series/season finale are now in the gallery. Clips will be available later tonight.

Posted on Feb 25 2010 by Lisa
General Hospital Abuse PSA
Kristina Davis other the months has been seen involved in a growing abuse relationship with Kiefer. Part of General Hospital's storytelling of this global issue includes a PSA filmed by Lexi Ainsworth that airs at the end of GH episodes where abuse is involved. Screencaps from this are now up in the gallery.

Posted on Feb 25 2010 by Lisa
Terrell Funny Or Die Skit
In Their Premiere episode for the Funny Or Die Network Terrell Ransom Jr was featured in a skit intitled Playground Politics. His first of two episodes. I've added the caps to both Star-Kidz and Terrell's Official site. Check them out. He was just to cute. Congrats Tj. Keep up the great work.

Terrell Ransom Jr
Posted on Feb 23 2010 by Heaven
Passions June 2005

Posted on Feb 23 2010 by Heaven
31st Annual Young Artist Awards Nominations
This year's Young Artist Awards Nominations have been released. 8 Star-Kidz kids are up for several awards. We'd like to wish them all good luck. April 11th the awards will be handed out and we're sure many Star-Kidz kids will be attending the event.

Guest Starring Young Actor 13 and Under

Austin McDonald "Rick Mercer Report"
Cainan Wiebe "Supernatural"
David Gore "Lie To Me"
Billy Unger "Mental"
Sterling Beaumon "The Cleaner"
Joey Luthman "iCarly"
Aaron Refvem :Sons of Anarchy"
Andy Scott Harris "House M.D"
Scotty Noyd Jr. "CSI Miami"
Benjamin Stockham "Criminal Minds"
Ryan Casa "The Colony"

Guest Starring Young Actress

Erin Sanders "Madmen"
Danielle Chuchran "ER"
Stefanie Scott "The New Adventures of Old Christine"
Jordan Van Vranken "Criminal Minds"
Savannah Lathem "Lost"
Emily Rae "Private Practice"
Dalila Bela "Supernatural"
Mary Charles Jones "Grey's Anatomy"
Bella Thorne "Mental"

Recurring Young Actor 13 and Under

Austin Williams "One Life to Live"
Colin Ford "Supernatural"
Aaron Refvem "General Hospital"
Alex Cardillo "Durham County"
Connor Stanhope "Smallville"
Preston Bailey "Dexter"
Riley Thomas Stewart "90210"
Sterling Beaumon "Lost"

Recurring Young Actress

Haley Pullos "General Hospital"
Christina Robinson "Dexter"
Madison Leisle "Ghost Whisperer"
Eden Sher "The Middle"
Makenzie Vega "The Good Wife"

"iCarly" - Nickelodeon
Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, Jeanette McCurdy, Noah Munck

"Stormworld" - SPACE
Calum Worthy, Andrew Jenkins, Valentina Barron

"Modern Family" - ABC
Rico Rodriguez, Nolan Gould, Ariel Winter


Jolie Vanier "Oliver"
Alex Scolari "Big - The Musical"
Major Curda "The Little Mermaid"
Sterling Beaumon "Big - The Musical"
Lauren Delfs "Blackbird"
Kayley Stallings "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"
Posted on Feb 21 2010 by Heaven
Big Love Season 04 Episode 06
Here's last week's episode of Big Love. Don't forget to catch tonight's brand new episode.
Posted on Feb 21 2010 by Heaven
Sierra Rose
It has been quite the busy week on OLTL for the Morasco's and Sierra Rose has been right in the middle of the drama. A ton of new episode stills for her scenes have been added to the gallery.

Posted on Feb 20 2010 by Lisa
Two Days Kids Outside Projects
Christopher Gerse in Monk

And two episodes of Kwesi Boakye in Men Of A Certain Age

Posted on Feb 20 2010 by Heaven
Primp Girl Partners with Celebs for Charity Campaign
Madison Pettis, Taylor Spreitler, Jennette McCurdy and Kendall Jenner are just a few of the celebs joining primp girl as they launch their new charity campaign, primp girl for a cause.

The campaign is designed to support a variety of charities designated by 12 teen celebrity females. The label will invite one celebrity each month over the coming year to team up with designer Wells Butler to co-design two (2) new garments for the line (hoodie and t-shirt) in support of the charity of her choice to benefit from the promotion.

Joining Taylor, Kendall, Jennette and Madison are Sammi Hanratty and Savannah Outen with many more to come!

Be sure to check back to JJJ soon for more details and in the meantime, check out primp girl at itsprimp.com!
Credit >Just Jared Jr
Posted on Feb 20 2010 by Heaven
Hudson's Magazine Behind the Scenes
With very special thanks to the 'B' family we have a bunch of behind the scenes photos from the Hudson Magazine shoot which Layla Wheeler shot for added to the gallery.

Posted on Feb 18 2010 by Lisa
Shane and Bree Return!
To pass the time while we all wait for Shane and Bree to return to town, some new episode stills for their homecoming are now up in the gallery.

Posted on Feb 18 2010 by Lisa
Happy Birthday!

Who: Carolyn & Campbell Rose
When:February 17, 2005
Age: 5 Years
Role: Alice 'Allie' Caroline Horton
Info: Though the girls have only been seen in a handful of episodes since their debut in November they quickly stole the hearts of Lumi & Days fans alike. I know I can safely say we all hope to see Carolyn and Campbell in many more episodes to come.

Happy Birthday Carolyn and Campbell! We hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Posted on Feb 17 2010 by Toni
The Middle Episode Stills
Episode stills for Atticus Shaffer's first episode of The Middle are now in the gallery

Posted on Feb 17 2010 by Lisa
Emily Lind Episode Stills
With the news of Emily Lind cast as the new Emma Lavery, we have now added the first episode stills of her in the role. Look for her to be airing soon.

Posted on Feb 17 2010 by Lisa
It's Official
It's official, the rumor we posted about the other week for the casting for Emma Lavery is correct. Actress Emily Lynd will be playing AMC's Emma starting this month. Look for her in some upcoming scenes with her on screen parents.
Posted on Feb 16 2010 by Lisa
AMC Episode Stills
This week Tate makes his debut appearance on AMC and it isnt long before he plays his character amongst all the drama of Pine Valley. Episode stills for Tate's first episodes are now up in the gallery.

Posted on Feb 15 2010 by Lisa
Sierra Episode Stills
Episode stills for the birth of our newest little baby, Sierra Rose on OLTL, are now up in the gallery

Posted on Feb 15 2010 by Lisa
Days Episode Stills and Promos
Hailey & Lauren Carolyn & Campbell Aaron & Griffin
Posted on Feb 14 2010 by Toni
Big Love Season 04 Episode 05
Posted on Feb 12 2010 by Heaven
August 2007

Posted on Feb 12 2010 by Heaven
Savannah in The Stepfather
Posted on Feb 12 2010 by Heaven
Young actress Danielle Parker is the latest member to join the Star-Kidz family. Danielle filmed for the role of 'Older Sydney' on Days of Our Lives which unfortunately has not aired. A few photos of Danielle have been added to the gallery including a behind the scenes photo!
Posted on Feb 11 2010 by Lisa
Layla on a Magazine
We haven't seen anything from these two girls in a while but Layla has finally booked something. Last month Layla was featured on the cover of Hudson Magazine. She also had a few pages inside. This months Issue also featured a photo of Layla.
Posted on Feb 11 2010 by Heaven
OLTL Episode Stills
A bunch of past episode stills for OLTL have been added to the gallery.

Posted on Feb 11 2010 by Lisa
Malcolm in Antwone Fisher
Before getting his breaking in movies like Knights Of The South Bronx and You Got Served Malcolm made his big screen debut in Antwone Fisher.
Posted on Feb 11 2010 by Heaven
The Middle Press Tour
Back last year in anticipation of the new Primtime season, new ABC shows participated in a press tour. This included Atticus Shaffer's show The Middle and Atticus was present. Two photos from the event are now in the gallery.

Posted on Feb 11 2010 by Lisa
Welcoming Back "Haley Source!"
Lisa and I have been working on something lately. Back in September, I opened up, by myself, "Haley Source," a fansite for General Hospital actress, Haley Pullos. Due to hosting issues, I lost the site and it took me a few months to get motivated to recreate it. Thanks to Lisa for deciding to co-web with me, we have finally brought "Haley Source" back to the fans! This time, at a new link and a whole new design! Go check it out!

Haley Source
Posted on Feb 10 2010 by Susan
2010 Soap Opera Spiriti Award Nominees
TV Guide Canada's 3rd Annual Soap Opera Spirit Awards are kicking off with the announcement of their nominee list and in the running we have two Star-Kidz! First off in the Outstanding Younger Actor category we see Carmen LoPorto nominated for his portrayal of Jack Manning and then in the Outstanding Female Actor in a New Role or Recast category we see Lexi Ainsworth nominated for her portrayal of Kristina Davis. Way to go!!

For more information and a list of nominees visit: TV Guide Canada
Posted on Feb 10 2010 by Lisa
PS From Aeropostale
Peyton and Spencer List have been busy shooting for Aeropostale's PS line and their third consecutive campaign for the company has just been released for spring. Images are now in the gallery.

Posted on Feb 09 2010 by Lisa
March, May & June 2007

Posted on Feb 09 2010 by Heaven
Video Page
This is long overdue. But on behalf of Myself, Lisa, Susan and Toni we'd like to present the Video page. With much debate we settled on opening up youtube pages again, but this time each show has got their own page. If any problem persist please contact one of us and we will reupload or repair any page thats wrong. While we know youtube has probelms, it is the easiest way for everyone to view the videos. We hope with this system we will be able to maintain more videos and provide everyone with the ability to catch-up and re-watch their favorite shows. Remember to click on the sidebar linkie to head over to the video page and find the link's to our video pages. wink
Posted on Feb 08 2010 by Heaven
Big Love Season 04 Episode 04
A little late cause i was on vacation but i finally got last week's episode of Big Love up at the gallery. And don't forget to watch the all new episode tonight.
Posted on Feb 07 2010 by Heaven
Janaury Screencaps
January screencaps for GH are now up in the gallery

Posted on Feb 07 2010 by Lisa
December 2003

Posted on Feb 07 2010 by Heaven
Our new Little Adam airing soon, Tate, and his older brother Tanner have completed numerous jobs including print work for comapnies such as Garnet Hill, Ralph Lauren and Guess. We have a bunch of photos now in our gallery from these jobs and would like to thank Miss Mackenzie for helping us out!

Posted on Feb 06 2010 by Lisa
Lost Season 06 Episode 01
This past Tuesday Lost returned for it's 6th and final season. With the new season begining we were surprised to have two children back. Mickey Graue (Zach) and Kiersten Havelock (Emma). Along with the screencaps here's also a photo of Kiersten on set and one of her at the big premiere party.

Posted on Feb 06 2010 by Heaven
Dear John Premiere
This past week Bella Thorne attended the world premiere of 'Dear John' in support of her on-screen older sister Amanda Seyfried.
Posted on Feb 06 2010 by Heaven
Emma Casting Rumor
Rumors are circulating that young actress Emily Lind will be taking over the role of Emma Lavery and airing in mid to late February. Emily is not new to the soap world having shot an episode of Days of Our Lives as 'Older Grace' last year which unfortunately did not air.
Posted on Feb 05 2010 by Lisa
Last week Aaron's episode of Medium finally aired and we got to see him as Bridgette's crush Finn. Screencaps are now in the gallery.

Posted on Feb 05 2010 by Lisa
January 2010
January 2010 screencaps are now in the gallery for OLTL

Posted on Feb 05 2010 by Lisa
January 2010 Screencaps
January 2010 screencaps for AMC can now be found in the gallery

Posted on Feb 05 2010 by Lisa
Q&A With Miss Lucy
Q&A is not to be duplicated elsewhere and claimed as their own.

Lucy Merriam began playing "Emma Lavery" around her fourth birthday and since then has grown up on our screens until this year when she wrapped up the role in January. Lucy has developed a long following of fans and today we have a Q&A with Miss Lucy about her work on All My Children, as well as her feature film Marley and Me

1. What has been Lucy's favourite scenes/storyline to film?
Most recently Lucy loved doing the Halloween scenes. She said she loved the costumes and she has also enjoyed manipulating the adults during the Who Killed Stuart story. She got to work with an acting coach and enjoyed the whole process. Other than that, she loved all weddings and scenes involving big poofy dresses. She also enjoys kidnappings--they (the kidnappers) always serve pancakes and bacon.

2.How did Lucy and Joe enjoy fan weekend?
Lucy enjoys signing autographs--she just learned cursive. Joe is equally tickled to sign his name. Lucy used to be afraid of fans when she was really little, now she says she will miss the fans the most

3.What was the biggest difference between filming AMC and filming Marley & Me?
In Marley Lucy says you had to do the scenes a lot more times. Also Lucy didn't know everybody like she does on All My Children.

4.What about the movie, Marley & Me, did Lucy enjoy the most?
The snow scene was the fun part because everybody was really playing in the "snow". She got to go sledding in May and play with the dog and the boys. It took all day to do that one scene.

5.How did Lucy enjoy getting to work with J.R. Martinez? (P.S. he had some really nice things to say about you when we talked to him!)
Lucy says he was very patient with her and is a good doctor for real.Joe is impressed that he is a real soldier.

6.Does lucy get to play with the younger cast members backstage?
Lucy loves the Spikes and Alexa. She also enjoys playing with Cameron's son and daughter. The Little A's are also fun to play with. She enjoys seeing the babies, too. Sometimes, it is a real circus in the dressing room hallway when all the kids are in.

7.How did lucy enjoy sleeping through her hospital scenes?
The hospital scenes were taped after the first day of school and Lucy was exhausted. Lucy says she likes napping on the job.

8. Who are some of Lucy's favorite people to spend time with backstage?
Lucy is devoted to her nurse Sister Noreen and also the back-up nurses Jada and Kathy. She enjoys playing Uno and her homework behind the scenes. She also loves trying things on in wardrobe and getting Lisa to do her hair.

9. Is there anyone Lucy wishes she got the chance to work with more often?
Lucy works with Cameron the most and when I asked her who she wants to work with more, she said Cameron. She adores him. Once Lucy was balking at eating her breakfast and I asked her TV dad to administer some discipline. Poor Cameron did not want to lower the boom on Lucy and demand she eat! Lucy also would have liked to do more scenes with Alexa.

10. Does Lucy watch her scenes on TV?
Lucy loves to watch AMC when she is on. She worried that her grandma won't get to see her so much now that she is no longer on the show.
Posted on Feb 04 2010 by Heaven
Aaron Refvem's talent doesnt just stay at acting, but expands into other areas including music. The other day Aaron uploaded a video to myspace of himself playing the piano and singing the hit song Apologize.


Aaron | MySpace Music Videos
Posted on Feb 04 2010 by Lisa
One Door Closes....Another Door Opens
Where to start...we do not even know. Today marked the start of the HD broadcast of All My Children from their new LA studio. While this is an exciting chapter in the All My Children history, it is also a sad chapter here as we realize that this means we will no longer watch and see Lucy interacting with Ryan and the Chandlers as Emma, Alexa playing with Rachael and Jessica as Kathy and Jenny within the chaos of the Martin household. Nor will we see Rory and Declan play a little boy noticing something is different about his dad and wanting reassurance that everything will be okay. Alex Ben Caleb Luc and Cole will no longer come running through the Slater household as Spike and Ian while David Damian Aidan and Connor will no longer capture us with the smiles of Trevor and Stuart. As well, we will no longer await the day that Haley Alivia and Anthony return as Miranda and Gabrielle on one of Eden Riegel's returns as Bianca. While this door closes, we would like to thank all of our wonderful kids who have played these roles and say job well done. We would also like to say a thank-you to all of the kids who played these roles over the years whether it be for a few days or a few years. You all have done fantastic and that is why at Star-Kidz we have two brand new layouts, celebrating our kid cast that just wrapped up All My Children. (We would like to thank the McTigue, Gerasimovich, and Sharpe families for your photo donations to the layout, as well as the amazing Marie for making the layouts for the site). COTM is also up for February and to honor our east coast kids of AMC we could not pick just one and you will see that many of our kids from the years are COTM. We now look forward to the future and wish all of you good luck and we cannot wait to see what the future brings!!

As we speak of the future and LA, we now await the news of who our LA AMC kid cast will be. We anxiously are waiting to see Tate debut as Lil A/ AJ and wonder who else will be joining the Star-Kidz family in the coming weeks. To all of our new members of the family, welcome to Star-Kidz!!

So we have gotten a little emotional here and written pretty much a novel, but how could we not with the years and the time spent watching these bright and talented children grow before our very eyes. As this update comes to a close, we would like to say to keep checking back the next couple of days for some exciting AMC related updates and we hope everyone enjoys the fresh new look to the site.
Posted on Feb 03 2010 by Lisa
Many have been wondering who would be filling the roles of our AMC child characters now that the show is in LA. Well today we bring you the first piece of casting news courtesy of IMDB. Young actor Tate will be playing Little Adam in the coming weeks...or "AJ" as he is now being called. We would like to welcome Tate to the Star-Kidz family!
Posted on Feb 01 2010 by Lisa
When In Rome Premiere
Taylor Spreitler shows off her pearly whites as she attends the premiere of When In Rome premiere held at El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (January 27).

The 17-year-old Days of our Lives star looked great in a Development by Erica Davies dress, Steve Madden heels and Juicy Couture jewelry.

When In Rome stars Kristen Bell as Beth, a young, ambitious New Yorker who is completely unlucky in love. However, on a whirlwind trip to Rome, she impulsively steals some coins from a reputed fountain of love, and is then aggressively pursued by a band of suitors.

Courtesy of: Just Jarred

Posted on Feb 01 2010 by Lisa
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