Malcolm Attending Famous Birthday Party
Celebrity teen actress Paige Hurd (from the CW TV Show "Everybody Hates Chris" and the hit film "Beauty Shop") is having a Sweet 16 Birthday Party on Saturday July 19 , 2008 in Los Angeles, California at a Private Loft off Sunset Blvd. During her party planning Paige decided she wants people to donate to charity instead of bringing her a gift on her most special day of her life so far. Paige is using her birthday party to raise funds for children's cancer by having a raffle at her party. 100% of the profits from the raffle will be donated to charity.
To date, the following has confirmed to be in attendance: Lil JJ (Nickelodeon "Just Jordan"), Malcolm Kelley (ABC "Lost"), Imani Hakim (CW "Everybody Hates Chris"), TeQuan Richmond (CW "Everybody Hates Chris"), Lil Romeo (rapper/ Nickelodeon "Romeo!"), Marcus Paulk ("Roll Bounce"/ "Another Cinderella Story"), Raven Goodwin (Nickelodeon
Posted on Jun 30 2008 by Heaven users pick the most adorable young stars
#1 Baby Aaron, Lost
This adorable baby had the office doing a collective "Awwww," which inspired us to turn it over to our readers and have them name their favorite pint-sized cuties.

#5 Joe, ER
Abby and Luka's offspring gives hope (and maybe a little jealousy) to future parents everywhere. "What a cutie pie! I hope my children are as cute as he is!
Posted on Jun 29 2008 by Heaven
Big Gallery Update

June 20 2008

June 23 2008

June 24 2008

June 24 2008

George Juarez @ The 2008 Emmy Awards

Days Of Our Lives - June 20 2008

One Life To Live - June 25 2008

Passions - June 17 2008

Daniel Chalfa - Without A Trace

Daniel Chalfa - Journey Man

Field Cate - Without A Trace

Anthony DeMarco - My Name Is Earl

Austin Williams - Girl Next Door (Thanks To Plutonium)

Peyton List - Kit: An American Girl Premiere

Rachel Fox - Wall-e Premiere

Madeline Carroll - Wall-e Premiere

Field Cate - Wall-e Premiere

Sterling Beaumon - Wall-e Premiere
Posted on Jun 29 2008 by Heaven
A Small Update For The Site...
First off going to start off by letting everyone know we've got a new Affiliate. Kremer Girls runned by our very own co-webby Toni. It's a cute site so go check it out

Next i've added some new kids SideBar outside project's. Amyrh Harris (ex-Theo) has filmed a movie Loand of the Lost that will be out July 2009. Malcolm David Kelley (walt) is currently filming a movie Mississippi Damned and the release date is unknown still. but they're now up in the sidebar's and more coming later on tonight
Posted on Jun 28 2008 by Heaven
A Proud Grandpa
Greetings! I know a celebrity. He's my own grandson Terrell Ransom Jr.
Terrell's parents Terrell Sr. and Katrina have to be really proud of their son. I know that Dorese and I are.
For those of you who don't know it Terrell Jr. is an actor and a model living in California. Recently he landed a recurring role on the NBC Soap; 'Days of Our Lives' . He plays the part of 'Theo Brandon Carver' , the autistic son of a Doctor and Police Commissioner. This has turned out to be quite a blessing.
Since autism awareness is in the news so much these days, Terrell is not only acting, he is also being socially conscious.
Oh, did I mention that he is only 4 years old? ( Happy Birthday TJ! Soon to be FIVE)!!!!
Just today Terrell's on-screen parents were featured on the 'Today Show' in a segment about autism awareness. We didn't know that they were going to plaster a big picture of the 'family' including Terrell on the screen. I have to tell you it really is awesome seeing your grandson on national TV. I will have to start watching TV again just to see him.
Hats off to his mom Katrina for working with him behind the scenes for some time now. He is a great actor really. (It is also really weird watching him NOT talk when he is in character. Most people don't how hard that must be for him because he is one of most articulate kids I ever knew. I know I am biased but really Terrell is an exceptional kid).
Terrell actually has been praying for sometime now that the Lord would make him a young billionaire, for His glory. He says that he wants to help people. I thought you might want to know that. I am inspired by it myself!
He sent me a father
Posted on Jun 26 2008 by Heaven
Malcolm's Hope For Walt
One of the (many) burning questions inspired by the Lost finale is, "To whom was Ben referring when he says that everyone has to go back to the Island?" Meaning, who, exactly, is everyone?

Does everyone include Ji-Yeon, who was conceived on the Island but never took a breath there? Does it include helicopter pilot Frank, who just stopped by for a three-hour tour? And perhaps most intriguingly, does it include Walt, who left "early," and whose father has surely already paid the piper?

Now, I can't tell you yet if Ben's edict includes the babies, but I can tell you what Malcolm David Kelley thinks about Walt's situation!

When asked at the 34th Annual Saturn Awards in Universal City, Calif., if he thought Walt had to go back with the rest of the gang, Malcolm said, "Yeah, I think I should go back to the Island and stir up a little trouble back there. I think that'd be pretty cool." Agreed!

Has he talked to the writers about guesting, recurring or becoming a regular on either of the show's final two seasons? Said Malcolm: "They haven't told me anything right now, but if and when they tell me, I'll go out to Hawaii and start working."

In the meanwhile, between now and the return of Lost, hang in there to see Malcolm in a new film he's very enthusiastic about. He said, "I just finished a movie in North Carolina called Mississippi Damned. It should be coming out some time next year, and it's a drama taking place in the '80s and '90s. It's a very good movie-really deep." Can't wait!
Posted on Jun 26 2008 by Heaven
Happy Birthday Dylan & Jordan
Who: Dylan & Jordan Cline
When: June 26 2003
Age: 5 year's old
Role: Morgan 2004 - 2005
Info: Dylan & Jordan took over the role of Morgan right after the tolomo twins. Changing from sonny look alike child to a carly one. The boy's shot 2 pilot's while doing GH. One for Rodney & one for Desperate Housewives in which they played a litttle girl. The boy's were on the show for over a year before morgan was aged and recasted. The boy's haven't done anything since leaving. But have attended a few luncheon's.
Happy 5th Birthday Dylan! Happy 5th Birthday Jordan. We hope it's a great day for the 2 of you.!
Posted on Jun 26 2008 by Heaven
Happy Belated Birthday Ava & Olivia
Who: Ava & Olivia White
When: June 24 2005
Age: 3 year's old
Role: Claire on Day's
Info: Ava & Olivia started playing Claire when they were 6 month's old. Before getting started on the show the girl's did an episode of ghost whisperer. They were put on contract with day's when they took on another role as carrie on What about brian. Unfortunatly the girl's were le go late last year when claire was aged. But we hope to see their gorgeous faces on our screen's again someday soon.
Happy 3rd Birthday Ava! Happy 3rd Birthday Olivia! We hope you both had a great day.!
Posted on Jun 25 2008 by Heaven
Gallery Updated

June 02 2008

June 03 2008

June 09 2008

June 11 2008

June 18 2008

June 19 2008

June 03 2008

June 09 2008

June 13 2008

June 05 2008

June 06 2008

June 10 2008

June 11 2008

June 12 2008

June 16 2008

June 17 2008

May 19 2008

May 21 2008

May 26 2008

May 27 2008

June 09 2008
Posted on Jun 22 2008 by Heaven
Terrell got Interviewed
Little TJ Ransom (Theo Carver) attended the Daytime Emmy Awards Reception dinner on June 09th 2008 and he was interviewed by
Here's the interview:

MaximoTV: What is your favorite thing to do when you'rer not working on set?
TJ: Mmm, watch tv a little bit. Relax.
MaximoTV: What's your favorite game?
TJ: Tic-Tac-Toe!
MaximoTV: Why is Tic-Tac-Toe your favorite?
TJ: Because, because it's like a game where you like where you get three in a row you win, so I like it.
MaximoTV: And I bet you win a lot don't you?
TJ: (nods)
MaximoTV: Do you have a girlfriend?
TJ: (shakes his head no)
MaximoTV: Do you want a girlfriend?
TJ: No.
MaximoTV: That's a good idea. What else do you do for fun other than relaxing and playing games? Do you like to play outside?
TJ: Mmm, yes but her (points to his mom) she doesn't want me playing with
MaximoTV: Why is that?
TJ: Because she doesn't want me to get hurt.

(skip forward to 10:30, Terrell's is the last interview)
Posted on Jun 21 2008 by Susan
Happt Birthday Samantha
Who: Samantha Mahurin
When: June 21 1999
Age: 9 year's old
Role: Belle age Six
Info: Samantha started her career in 2004 on The Young and The Restless. From there she went to play Belle at the age of 6. She was only on for an episode before she left to shoot the prestige. She stopped acting in 2006 and hasn't done anything since.
Happy 9th Birthday Samantha! We hope you've had a great birthday!
Posted on Jun 21 2008 by Heaven
A New Face On Day's
There's a new Theo in town. And his name is Terrell (tj) Ransom Jr. His first airdate was May 20th and he play's the Autistic 3 Year Old Son of Abe & Lexie Carver. We don't know much yet on little TJ but he is the grandson of a pastor and we believe this is his first role. We're still waiting on word. I've just added up photo's of TJ at the Emmy Reception party which he attended. So you can head over and check them out along with the photo's Toni added last night of the July 4th episode.
Posted on Jun 20 2008 by Heaven
Naked Brothers give the bear truth
In the grand tradition of idealistic youth, the Naked Brothers Band sets out in its latest movie to save the polar bears.

They don't finish the job, but the quest turns out to be fun and maybe a little educational. Like the best Nickelodeon shows, it's also amusing for grownups, since its pivotal gag is a spoof on something that happened to the Beatles 40 years ago.

There's even a little innocent smooching between Nat Wolff, the lead singer and writer for the Naked Brothers, and Rosalina, who plays in the band.

And Nat and brother Alex better watch their young backs. Sometimes they get upstaged here by even younger blood: Saoirse Scott, who plays Big Ella.

Nat is 13, Alex is 10. Saoirse is about 4 and she has an unshakeable belief in Santa Claus, the kind of 2-4/7/365 faith that saves the day even if we can't be sure it saves all the polar bears.

The flick starts simply enough. The band is getting ready for a big concert, and when Alec asks for a funny DVD movie so he can kill some time, he's accidentally handed Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth," instead of Cary Grant's "The Awful Truth."

Alex watches it and declares that Al Gore is not a comedian. But Alec is touched by the part about a warming planet reducing polar bear habitat, so he persuades the band to donate proceeds from the show to save the bears.

As part of his heightened environmental awareness he also lobbies for a tour bus that doesn't run on gasoline, but "horse poop."

Yes, there is some innocent "poop" humor here.

There's also a Shakespearian romantic farce, a comedy of errors involving Nat and Rosalina (Allie DeMeco) and a whole string of misinterpreted signals and misdirected intentions.

What causes everything to almost fall apart, however, is Alex seeing a tour poster on which the Naked Brothers' picture is bigger than a picture of Santa Claus.

He innocently remarks, "We're bigger than Santa Claus," a play on John Lennon's famous "We're more popular than Jesus" line that got the Beatles into trouble 42 years ago.

Nasty and clueless reporters immediately jump all over poor Alex, refusing to listen to his explanation and behaving like ignorant brainless goons, which is certainly one way of looking at the celebrity media these days.

The resulting uproar forces the promoters to cancel the soldout concert, which is good for neither the band nor the bears. But just when all seems lost, Big Ella steps in with exculpatory evidence and a personal testimonial that crushes the shameful media and makes everything good.

To adult eyes, the plot gets a little shaky and the acting is uneven. But the core "Naked Brothers" audience should find it as fuzzy as a polar bear.
Posted on Jun 19 2008 by Heaven
Ciara & Theo celebrate Independence Day!
11 behind the scenes and episode shots of Lauren from yet to air 4th of July scenes have been added to the gallery. 2 of Amyrh have been added... one 4th of July episode still and one behind the scenes photo.

I won't be putting previews up here as they are spoiler photos but click on the links below to get to them.

Lauren Boles - Amyrh Harris

Posted on Jun 19 2008 by Toni
More Video's
Youtube is finally behaving with me today so i got to add up a bunch more episode's. These are mostly One Life To Live and some General Hospital.

Posted on Jun 19 2008 by Heaven
Happy Birthday Damani
Who: Damani Roberts
When: June 17 1996
Age: 12 year's old
Role: Kid with Ball
Info: Damani started his career at the age of 6 appearing in show's like My Wife and Kids and The King Of Queen's. He went on the following year to shoot 6 other show's. 2005 & 2006 weren't too bad either he shot 9 different show's & movies. 2007 Damani made his appearence on Day's of our lives, his only for the year. 2008 has been great for him so far. He shot and released the movie Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkin's with co-star Martin Lawrence. As a birthday treat I'm also included these screencap's of Damani's big role.
Happy 12th Birthday Damani! We hope it's a great day!

Posted on Jun 17 2008 by Heaven
Thank's to the very great Lisa, we've got so many new scan's over at the gallery from Soaps in Digest & some from Soap Opera Digest that i didn't get before.

JQ DePaiva (8)
Jacob & Luke ClodFelter (5)
Dylan Cash (10)
Austin Williams (7)
Caden & Nicholas Laughlin (2)
George Juarez (1)
Lucy Merriam (5)
Kyle & Zachary Kirchmann (2)
Samantha & Jessica Schaffhauser (1)
Braden Walkes (1)
Unknown Baby Spike (2)
Nicole Cox (3)
Liam & Aidan O'Donnell (4)
Isador & Adonios Talamo (1)
Alexa Gerasimovich (3)
Ava & Julia Farrar (2)
Mitchell & Shane Albin (1)
Kali Rodriguez (1)
Jarred Sturman (1)
Unknown Lil Adam (1)
Dylan & Blake Hopkins (1)
Raymond & Joseph Cartinego (1)
Daniel & Zachary Frisch (2)
Unknown Baby Kristina (2)
Spencer & Garrett Gray (1)
Ava & Olivia White (3)
Emma & Sarah Smith (1)
Gianna Crane (3)
Haley Evans (1)
Carly & Sam Wolfe (2)
Spencer & Nathan Casamassima (1)
Unknown Baby Kate (1)
Posted on Jun 16 2008 by Heaven
Happy Birthday Carly
Who: Carly Jordan Pancher
When: June 14 2000
Age: 8 year's old
Role: Mary Beth on Passions in 2007
Info: Carly started her career in a small part in an episode of Unfabulous as a party guest. She than went on to do 2 episode's of passion's playing Mary Beth. A small role in the movie The Comback's rounded up her 2007 roles and she's currently finished filming the movie NowhereLand that will be coming out sometime in 2009.
Happy 8th Birthday Carly! We hope you had a great day!
Posted on Jun 14 2008 by Heaven
Various Kidz At Various Events
So i got around to picking up lots of pics of different kids at different events and got around to adding them up to the gallery. Enjoy!!!

Peyton List - Made of Honor Premiere
Rachel Fox - A Time for Heroes Benefit
Rachel Fox - Incredible Hulk Premiere
Tanner Maguire - Camie Awards
Diandra Newlin - CARE Awards & Daytime Emmy Reception
Piper Harris - CARE Awards
Rylee Frisner - Various Events
Posted on Jun 12 2008 by Heaven
Dr. Lexie Carver (Renee Jones) and Commissioner Abe Carver (James Reynolds) Learn Their 3-Year-Old Son Has Autism Beginning in the June 24 Episode of "Days of our Lives"

BURBANK, Calif. June 10, 2008 The growing autism crisis which has recently drawn increasing national attention -- is addressed in a personal manner beginning in the June 24 episode of NBC's daytime drama "Days of our Lives" in an insightful story based on the experiences of the series' head writer, Dena Higley, who, with her husband has raised an autistic child of their own. NBC joins with Autism Speaks, the nation's leading autism advocacy organization, to help convey a message of hope and useful information during the course of the storyline.

In the creative arc to continue through the summer, Dr. Lexie Carver (Renee Jones) and Commissioner Abe Carver (James Reynolds), are told their 3-year-old son, Theo, has autism. The news of Theo's diagnosis is understandably hard for the couple to comprehend, but through the love and support of family and friends, and the love for their son, they learn a lot about their family and how to cope with this tremendous, new challenge.

The Higleys' son, Connor, was diagnosed at age three. Now 19 years old, he recently graduated from high school. Higley and her husband's personal struggles and triumphs of raising a son with autism, plus three other children, are why she is so passionate about sharing her story -- one that hundreds of thousands of other American parents are also currently experiencing.

"We're telling the profound and life-altering story of a child with autism from his parents' point of view," said head writer Higley. "Their pain, their struggle -- and ultimately, their ability to find life-affirming hope in the midst of learning how to live day to day with this disability. This is a personal story for my husband and I have walked in the shoes Abe and Lexie are now about to walk in."

"I am thrilled that 'Days' has decided to take on this very important topic," said Bruce Evans, NBC's Senior Vice President of Daytime and Drama Programming. "We are hopeful that this storyline will serve as a resource for our viewers, many of whom have already been touched by this critical issue."

"This storyline realistically portrays the emotional trauma that every family faces when a child is diagnosed with autism, yet it also opens a window for viewers to see the hope and achievements that are possible as a family pulls together," said Alison Singer, Executive Vice President of Communications and Awareness for Autism Speaks. "We are honored to work with 'Days of our Lives' and applaud the show's commitment to shine a bright spotlight on the autism crisis and its effects on the whole family."

In order to share the storyline responsibly, "Days of our Lives" has joined with Autism Speaks, the nation's leading nonprofit organization devoted to autism. The partnership between "Days of our Lives," whose loyal audience extends across generations for over 42 years, and Autism Speaks will help promote awareness about a disorder that is diagnosed in one in every 150 children in the United States.

Seven-time Emmy-nominated writer, Dena Higley, began her career at "Days of our Lives" in 1985, where she was a staff writer for 19 years. In 2008, she returned to "Days of our Lives" to become head writer.

Higley is married to Mark, her husband of 21 years, and together they have raised four children -- two biological and two adopted. Their eldest, son Connor, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. Now 19, Connor drives his own Mustang, has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, recently graduated from high school and is preparing to go to college in Florida in the fall. Jensen, their second oldest, now 18 years old, is about to enter USC as a theater major. Helio, their third eldest, was adopted in 2003 from Ethiopia at age 8, and is now 13 years old and going into 7th grade. Adelle, the youngest, was adopted from Vietnam at 17 months in 1997 with her right leg missing below the knee and her fingers fused together. She is now a cheerleader, plays volleyball and is graduating from sixth grade.

About Autism
Autism is a complex brain disorder that inhibits a person's ability to communicate and develop social relationships, and is often accompanied by extreme behavioral challenges. Autism spectrum disorders are diagnosed in one in 150 children in the United States, affecting four times as many boys as girls. The diagnosis of autism has increased tenfold in the last decade. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have called autism a national public health crisis whose cause and cure remain unknown.

About Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks is dedicated to increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders, to funding research into the causes, prevention and treatments for autism, and to advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. Suzanne and Bob Wright, the grandparents of a child with autism, founded Autism Speaks in February 2005. Bob Wright is Senior Advisor at Lee Equity Partners and served as vice chairman, General Electric, and chief executive officer of NBC and NBC Universal for more than twenty years. Wright also serves on the board of directors of the Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation, RAND Corporation and Mission Product, LLC. To learn more about Autism Speaks, please visit

Posted on Jun 11 2008 by Susan
Big Video Update
I finally found a good program that isn't messing up on me and i've been able to clip all the episodes for All My Children for the past month. I just got done added them in to the youtube page. Tomorrow i'll add General Hospital & One Life To Live along with some cute little clips of Sabrina as Aaron on the season finale of Lost

Posted on Jun 10 2008 by Heaven
DAYS gallery update
Alright well I've had the chance this week to update the Days of our Lives screencaps for each episode this week closely after the episode aired. Here are the links to the four episodes screencaps plus some NBC Recap pictures...

June 2nd 2008

June 4th 2008

June 5th 2008

June 6th 2008

Elle & Ithaca (Allie)

Ranger & Wiley (Johnny)

Doll (Allie)

Lauren Boles (Ciara)

And that's about it!
Posted on Jun 06 2008 by Susan
So Many More Caps
I'm trying to catch up with the screencaps but i' been super busy. Here are lots more that i've just got done adding to the gallery.

All My Children May 30 2008
General Hospital May 27 2008
Jarred Sturman
Kyle & Zachary Kirchmann
Lucy Merriam
One Life To Live April 14 2008
One Life To Live May 14 2008
One Life To Live May 15 2008
One Life To Live May 16 2008
One Life To Live May 19 2008
One Life To Live May 20 2008
One Life To Live May 22 2008
One Life To Live May 23 2008
One Life To Live May 27 2008
One Life To Live May 28 2008
One Life To Live May 30 2008
Posted on Jun 06 2008 by Heaven
Quick Gallery Update
Don't want to add too much so it doesn't crash again but here's a quick update. The rest will come tomorrow night.

All My Children May 22 2008
All My Children May 23 2008
All My Children May 27 2008
All My Children May 28 2008
Michael - Dylan Cash
General Hospital May 20 2008
General Hospital May 23 2008
Bree - Samantha & Jessica Schaffhauser
Bree - Carly & Sam Wolfe
Lost S04E13/14 There's No Place Like Home: Part 2
Posted on Jun 03 2008 by Heaven
New COTM & Small Update
This month out Child Of The Month is Colton Shires who portray's Lil Ethan on Passions. He joined the cast in 2004 and continues to play lil ethan through to the end of the show.

In other news i've updated the sidebar to include some new projects the kids are taking on. Lucy Merriam filmed a scene in the upcoming movie Marley & Me. Soren Fulton has an upcoming pilot The Oaks. Alina Foley also filmed a pilot for OutNumbered. Peyton list who has finished doing 3 movies that should be out later this year. Malcolm David Kelley who while on hiatus from lost filmed a movie with the sprouse twins.
Posted on Jun 02 2008 by Heaven
A Scan Full Day
I've been scanning for the past hour all of my April and May Soap Opera Digest Magazines and they're now up in the Gallery.

Alina Foley
Unknown Zack
Dylan Cash
Colton Shires
Austin Williams
Luke & Jacob Clodfelter
Posted on Jun 02 2008 by Heaven
Happy Birthday Matthew!
Who: Matthew David Viventi
When: June 2nd 2005
Age: 3 years
Role: Aaron on Lost for a couple of episodes in the second season
Info: Matthew is one of the few children we know of who has portrayed baby Aaron on Lost. We know there has been tons of babies playing Aaron but his name is one of the few that has been released.

Happy 3rd Birthday Matthew! We hope it's a great day!

Posted on Jun 02 2008 by Susan
Happy Birthday Davide!
Who: Davide Schiavone
When: June 2nd 1995
Age: 13 years
Role: Young Stefano Dimera on DAYS
Info: Davide has done a few other works besides DAYS. He appeared in the 2nd season finale of Ghost Whisperer and was a dancer on the show "Hip Hop Harry". Most recently, Davide will begin touring as a Kidz Bop Live kid this month. What a way to kick off being 13!

Happy Birthday Davide! We all hope it's a good one!

Also I would like to point out that I must've been half awake when I did Sterling's birthday update...I put him as 10 years old when really, he is also turning 13. Sorry about that. Happy 13th Birthday Sterling!
Posted on Jun 02 2008 by Susan
Happy Birthday Sterling!
Who: Sterling Beaumon
When: June 2nd 1995
Age: 13 years
Role: Young Ben on Lost
Info: Sterling has appeared in many tv roles. He has appeared on House M.D., Scrubs, Heroes, Cold Case, Lost and 7th Heaven. His most recent works include the movies: Twixter, Mostly Ghostly and Four Christmases. He has also appeared in numerous commercials.

Happy 10th Birthday Sterling! We hope it's a good one!
Posted on Jun 02 2008 by Susan
Temporary Forum plus Site Difficulties
Hello all!
The hosting facility for had a fire and because of the power outage caused by the fire, servers 1 through 48 were messed up. We are on server 20. Their servers are now all back online but until data can be fully restored, our forum address is a temporary forum. It does not have any individual threads or anything. If you are still having trouble viewing the forum, try restarting your computer. If that doesn't do anything, all you can do is simply wait.

Also our server for the site, (this site) is messed up. It goes off, comes back on, and then goes off. Be patient and go to the forum for any updates as we wait for the host to be back 100%.

We apologize for all the technical difficulties from the past 24 hours. But it is all out of our hands.

Thank you.

Posted on Jun 01 2008 by Susan
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