Blythedale Children's Hospital

Blythedale Children's Hospital was established in 1891 and is a leader in innovative treatments on a national scale as well as a community leader for children with medical concerns. The New York metropolitan area, Hudson Valley and Connecticut are the primary areas they tend to, but do treat children worldwide. Through compassion, excellence, innovation and teamwork Blythedale aims to make major impacts in patient care, research, advocacy and teaching. They are currently working on expanding their facilities as well in order to offer the best possible patient care for more children in need.

All My Children's Rory and Declan McTigue have been doing some incredible fundraising to be able to help with Blythedale's Journey of Hope Campaign which sets to bring a new sibling playroom at the hospital. The past two years the boys have opted out of birthday presents and instead chosen for family and friends to donate money to their wish to help those children who are ill and in the hospital. Raising $2000 in 2009 and $3100 in 2010, Rory and Declan have done an amazing job at such a young age in showing people how to care for those in need.

With your donation and support you can help children facing illness' have a more peaceful and fun place to recover. The new sibling playroom will allow them to spend time with their siblings in a sanitary and safe environment and create many lasting memories for the entire family. Every little bit helps, whether you can donate or help spread the word. These children need the love and support of everyone possible, and your help can really put a smile on their face at the end of the day.

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