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December 2014

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Posted on Jan 21 2015 by Lisa
Happy New Years!

Silzer Family > Personal Photos
Posted on Dec 31 2014 by Heaven
It's Christmas!

Brooklyn Rae Silzer plays Emma on General Hospital. This year she was seen in a commercial for Lala Loopsy and modeling for The Children's Place! To keep up to date make sure to check back here.

1. How did you enjoy your shoot for The Children's Place?

It was really cool and we got to shoot at UCLA for three days! The clothes were
super cute too.

2. What was the best part of filming your LaLaLoopsy commercial?

Everything! I love Their dolls and the babies are adorable. My favorite was
wearing my blue wig- it was cool to see me with different hair.

3. What has been your favorite costume to wear on GH's Halloween episodes?

I love all of them but it was cool being Dyna girl last year. Our amazing
costume designer Maki, custom made it for me and I thought it came out really
neat! I also, loved being Belle- she is my favorite princess and I had the most
beautiful dress and accessories.

4. How did you enjoy getting to work with Kimberly again?

Well, we actually never did this last time- we filmed at different times:( But I
did get to see her and hangout in the make-up room. I miss working with her but
we still see each other and we keep in touch! I love her and so proud of her
directing jobs!

5. How has working with both Kimberly and Jason changed compared to when you first started?

Well, I am a lot bigger now and they can't pick me up anymore! Also, now I have
a lot more dialogue which makes it a lot of fun! They give me tips and we really
work hard to make the scenes great. I was only 5 when I started and not even in
school yet and now I'm in 3rd grade! I just love them both so much❤️

6. What is it like working with Michael, Nicolas and Hannah?

It's the best- we all have so much fun together! We are all best buds and hate
leaving when we are wrapped! There is a lot of laughing and giggling between

7. What's been your favorite part to film in the Emma, Spencer, Cameron, Josslyn storyline?

The summer camp was a lot fun and it is always neat to see what trouble we all
will get into. Since we all get along we crack up that we have to pretend we
don't! I feel bad that Hannah has to be mean to me- she always says sorry before
we film!

8. How did you enjoy working with Londyn on General Hospital?

We have a lot of fun and it's so fun to see us on screen together! She was a
really cute ballerina. Keep your eye out- you might see us together again on
screen soon at GH!!

9. Are there any newer cast members to the show you hope to have a chance to
work with?

I always like working with new people especially the babies. I got to work with
the boys who play Danny and they are super cute and sweet.

10. What has been your favorite scene to film this year for GH?

My favorite were the emotional scenes I did with Kimberly (Skype) and Jason
talking about their divorce. I worked really hard to bring true and real
emotions to those scenes and I enjoy being able to try new things playing Emma.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thank you so much for all of your support through the years it means so much to
me. I feel truly blessed to be on such a wonderful show and to be able to do
other fun and exciting projects. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

We'd like to thank Brooklyn for participating in this year's Holiday Q&A Event!
Posted on Dec 25 2014 by Heaven
November 2014

General Hospital > Screencaps > November 2014
Posted on Dec 16 2014 by Lisa
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