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January 2017

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Code Black

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Daytime Emmy Awards

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December 2016

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General Hospital - Promotional

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This Year At Star-Kidz!
What an amazing year 2016 was! Lots of new kids on the shows, the kids have been busy with films, television shows, commercials and print work, and we had a few adventures of our own this past year as well. Now it is time to take a look back through our annual year end video, we are happy to present the 2016 edition of This Year at Star-Kidz!

Posted on Jan 04 2017 by Lisa
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It's Christmas!

Brooklyn Silzer plays the role of Emma on General Hospital. This year she was seen in the hallmark movie Christmas in Homestead, Code black, modeling for Discount Dance and more!! To keep up to date make sure to follow her on Instagram, Twitter and keep checking back here at the site.

1. How did you enjoy working for Discount Dance? Do you have a favorite outfit you got to wear?

It has been so fun to work with them especially because this has been my first year in competitive dance! The crew is super sweet and love shooting for them!

I love all of the dance clothes but one of my favorite was a light pink and mint sparkly leotard & tutu!

2. How did you like filming The Storyteller?

I filmed this movie during my summer break in Indiana! It was my first lead and loved being able to share their experience with some of my General Hospital family! It was so beautiful in Indiana and can't wait for you see the feature next year!

3. What was it like working with your General Hospital co-stars on a different project?

So much fun! It was exciting because we were all playing different characters especially Constance Towers! She is pretty evil on General Hospital and in this movie you see a much sweeter side to our relationship. And Kristina was so kind and lovely to work with too- loved our scenes together. Also, our amazing Hair stylist Linda was with us and I loved spending so much time with everyone:)

4. What was your experience like working on Christmas in Homestead?

This was really a blessing because my family loves Hallmark Christmas movies and was so excited to be cast as a lead in one of their new Christmas movies! Such an amazing experience filming in this beautiful small town Dahlonega, Georgia! Everyone was wonderful to work with and we became a small family since we were on location for 23 days!

5. How did you like filming your episode of Code Black?

Loved it so much- I loved the script and couldn't wait to be able to drive a car for my scene!! It was for the Halloween episode and was so excited to wear the new Elena of Avalor costume- it was beautiful! My Grandma had to take me for a few of the days because my sister was working in Hawaii and it was so fun to share this part of my life with her! She is the best!!

6. What was it like working with Marcia Gay Harden?

Truly Amazing! She is one of the nicest, sweetest and most talented people you will meet. What an honor to work with such an amazing cast & show- still feel like pinching myself sometimes:)

7. How did you prepare for filming the scenes with Jason and Kelly where Emma learns Sam and Patrick broke up?

Well this is my most treasured work I have done and will never forget it. So much emotion and wanting our last big scenes together with Jason to go well and with Kelly. We all just went for it and I think it came out really good since my Mom and family still can't watch without crying!!!

8. How did you enjoy filming Patrick and Robin's wedding?

It was really bittersweet. I remember my Mom telling me to enjoy the last times all three of us would be together on this stage and trying to enjoy it all without crying all day. There were a lot of tears and still remember walking down the halls knowing that it will never be the same. I still miss working with Jason so much but so happy for him & we still talk and see each other- love both of them so much!

9. What was your last day on set for General Hospital like?

Well I am truly grateful that the show has found some fun & creative ways for me to visit! This is my home and would love to work there as long as hey will have me! This next year it will be 6 yrs- more than half my life!!!

10. How did it feel to be nominated for a Daytime Emmy at such a young age?

I still think it all has not set in. When people bring it up I start to realize more & more that it was such a huge compliment for me to even be considered with so much talent! I worked so hard for those scenes with Jason & it means so much to me that people felt my emotions and that it moved them- that was our goal! Loved that I shared the night with my sweet friend Nicolas and we will always remember running onstage together when the show won he Emmy! It was really the most magical night that I will always treasure:)

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I want to say thank you so much to everyone through the years for your support and kind words of encouragement. It has been a blessed year and excited for 2017❤

We'd like to thank Brooklyn for participating in our Holiday Q&A Event!

(Image by Colette Cugno)
Posted on Dec 25 2016 by Heaven
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