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Weekend Round Up!
* Kayla Madison filmed an episode of The Middle.

* Eden McCoy filmed a Maitre Gims and Sia music video.

* Brooklyn Rae Silzer filmed a McDonald's commercial.

* Madison Rojas filmed a Juicy Juice commercial.

* Gabriel Maddox Maier filmed a McDonald's commercial.

* Nicolas Bechtel can be seen in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story which premiered on February 2nd.

* Isabella Cramp had her series Colony renewed for a second season.
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January 2016

General Hospital > Screencaps > January 2016
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Weekend Round Up!
* Frank and Morgan Gingerich have been filming The Young Pope.

* Jenna Vaughn filmed a commercial for Band-Aid.

* Jasmine Alveran was seen in an episode of Supergirl.

*Hayden Byerly's series The Fosters is back for the second half of season 3.

* Rowan Smyth can be seen in a new DirectTV campaign.

* Madison Carlon was seen on this week's episode of Teachers.

* Brooklyn Rae Silzer, McKenna Roberts, Lauren Boles, Olivia Rose Keegan, Connor Kalopsis, Terrell Ransom Jr and Nicolas Bechtel received Daytime Emmy prenoms.
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December 2015

General Hospital > Screencaps > December 2015
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Brooklyn Rae Silzer > Photoshoots > Set 007
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It's Christmas!

Brooklyn Silzer plays the role of Emma Drake on General Hospital. This year she was a part of Barbie's "Imagine The Possibilities" commercial and filmed and episode of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders which will air early next year! To keep up to date make sure to keep checking back here at the site. .

1. How did you feel when you booked a part in the Barbie video?

That was amazing! It was a long casting process and was praying it would work out and we found out on my Mommy's birthday that I booked it! She said it was a perfect present!! Then I found out I would be playing a real life vet and was so excited to be working with animals- a dream job and loved how it came out with such a great message!

2. What was your product packaging shoot like for them for the Barbie dream house?

I love everyone at Mattel and have been so blessed to work with them for so many years but the dream house was the most exciting! It was so fun to see the dream house before everyone else and it is amazing! My grandma loved seeing me on the box and bought us the dream house!

3. How did you enjoy shooting for Tommy Hilfiger?

That was so much fun because we shot at a college football stadium and there was the cutest bulldog who we worked with! Plus, all of the clothes were so cool and loved working with all the kids- we had the best day!

4. What is your favorite part about working on GH?

EVERYTHING- I love it there so much and especially seeing and working with Jason has been a gift I will treasure forever:)

5. What is it like working with Dylan and Brayden?

They are so cute- a little shy at first but then I can get them to laugh and giggle which is so fun!

6. How do you like working with Kelly Monaco?

She is amazing- so sweet and funny and beautiful. I love just hanging out with her on set and we always have fun laughing especially during blocking! I have loved working with her so much and so grateful for our time together:)

7. What is it like working with Jane Elliot?

I love her, she is always so sweet to me at the studio and it was so fun to work together again since it had been a while. We had fun working out the kidnapping scene and glad she was the one to rescue me!

8. Is there anyone you wish you had more scenes with on GH?

That dream came true when I got to work with Kimberly again this past month- it meant so much to me to share these special scenes with her & Jason. Memories that I will treasure forever- I love them so much:)

9. How do you memorize your lines?

First, I read everything to get a feel for the things that are going on before to get an idea of how I would react and why. Then I go over the lines to get them down so it becomes just natural to me and then we work out the camera angles and other things on set:)

10. What is your favorite scene to film this year?

I would have to say my favorite scene to film this year for GH was the park scenes I had with Jason after the kidnapping attempt. It was so special to me because Jason and I talked about the scenes before and gave me some tips because things on set go so fast. I felt really good about them and right after he gave me the biggest hug and I could tell he was proud of me. Then some of the crew and producers in the booth came down & gave me a big hug too!

Anything else you'd like to add?

I am so grateful for an amazing 2015- so many fun adventures from working on GH, flying to Hawaii for Westin, shooting for several print campaigns, being a part of the huge Barbie campaign, and booking Criminal Minds-beyond borders! Thank you to my family & friends for all of the support over the years and believing in me- it means the world to me. I am truly grateful and feeling very blessed and excited to see what 2016 brings! Xoxo

We'd like to thank Brooklyn for participating in this year's Holiday Q&A Event!

(Image by Eryn Cech Photography)
Posted on Dec 25 2015 by Heaven
November 2015

General Hospital > Screencaps > November 2015
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Soap Opera Digest

Karleigh and Mckenna > Press > Soap Opera Digest
Joey Luthman > Press > Soap Opera Digest
Ruby and Rose Romero > Press > Soap Opera Digest
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New Layouts!
It's the most wonderful time of the year and we have our 2015 holiday layouts up! This year we are featuring a shoot that Brooklyn, Nicolas, Michael and Hannah did with Jim Warren that appeared in ABC Soaps in Depth. We hope everyone enjoys the new look for our Holiday Q&A Event/December, and look for the Holiday Q&A Event to kick off shortly!
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