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Will vs. The Future Q&A

Will vs. the Future is one of three newly released pilots on Amazon. Starring Teo Briones, Lexi Underwood and Ashlyn Faith Williams it is a sci-fi series with a focus on time travel and shaping the future. In the pilot episode Will learns that he grows up to destroy the world and now needs to find a way to stop it. We spoke with Teo Briones (ex-Timmy Bernardi, Days of Our Lives), Lexi Underwood (Code Black, Henry Danger, etc.) and Ashlyn Faith Williams (School of Rock, Liv and Maddie, etc.) about their time on set and the importance of taking the time this week to watch the pilot by clicking here and then taking the survey to let Amazon know you want this show to go to series! The pilot is free until September 30th, which is also the day the survey closes.

1. What was your first impression of the script?
Teo: I thought it was pretty cool! I liked the concept that instead of my character growing up to save the world, I "might" grow up to destroy the world. The best part is that the pilot leaves a big question mark. It's terminator for kids...but not.
Lexi: When I first read the Will Vs The Future (WVTF) script I was blown away. It had everything - comedy, drama, mystery, and action! I loved the idea of being able to play a strong female action character. When I got to the end of the script I wanted more...who's good? who's evil? what happens to Will? what happens to Athena? why can't Will talk to Haley? So many questions!! It was SO GOOD!
Ashlyn: I thought it was really funny! I loved how the plot is about a girl comes back to hurt Will at first because he is bad in the future, but then she sees that she might be able to help him become a better person in the future instead. I like that we have the choice to be good or bad, and that Will Vs. the Future shows that we should make good choices even when we are young. I also loved ALL of the characters, their personalities, and how everyone was so different. I liked the quick wit of Hailey, and that even though she is not the best influence, she always has Will's back. I also LOVED the cliff hanger at the end of the episode!!! We as the actors do not even know what is going to happen...so we really hope we get to do more episodes so that we can see what happens to the characters.

2. How would you describe your character in the series?
T: Intelligent, a technological prodigy, caring and compassionate, loyal, respects authority. Doing something against the rules, or getting involved in conflict is not what he does, so when it comes he is really uncomfortable with it.
L: Athena is smart, strong, serious, disciplined, focused, a leader, a warrior, and surprising compassionate. I also think that you get to see glimpses of vulnerability in Athena because she hasn't been able to enjoy simple things we take for granted like water and friendship. We don't always get to see young ethnic girls cast in strong action roles like this, which makes me even more grateful to bring Athena to life. She's a rebel leader in the future, it doesn't get much cooler than that!
A: I would describe Hailey as a smart, quick-witted, sometimes unreliable friend, who can get into quite a bit of trouble sometimes...but also always has her best friend's back and will stand up for him.

3. How did you prepare for the role?
T: I studied the script and tried to get in the mindset of this kid. Living with a single mom and having a hard time making it without enough money and wanting to help. Then being confronted by the possibility that I may not be the person I think I am. Do I believe it? Do I not?
L: I watched other characters that reminded me of Athena, such as Eleven from Stranger Things and X23 from Logan. Of course I studied my lines to make sure I was off book and I had a clear understanding of the relationships between all the characters. The most challenging and rewarding preparation was working one-on-one with the amazing stunt coordination, Erik Betts. We would work out for 3-4 hours each session to get me ready for the stunt/action scenes. I had a blast channeling my inner warrior!
A: I prepared for my role by practicing my lines A LOT! Haha! I also worked with the amazing Wendy Faraone to prepare for the audition for Hailey (I always work with her to prep for my big auditions), and then I worked with the super talented Jason Shipman to keep working on my character once I was on set. I like my character's personality a lot because it's not like any of the other roles I have played before. Instead of sassy and rude, Hailey is more strong, smart, independent, and then mischievous too.

4. Who was the first co-star you met?
T: I met Ashlyn first, in the audition room, but a few minutes later I worked with Lexi in the room, soon after we were all in the room together. It was on the day of the final audition, which was the only audition I went to. Then once we found out who we were working with we decided to get together and go bowling before the first day of shooting so we could really get to know each other. That was a lot of fun. So by the time we got on set we were already friends.
L: Well we all tested together, so that was our "first" meeting. When I went for my initial fitting I saw Teo Briones and Ashlyn Williams' headshots on the wall in the production office and was thrilled! Soon after that, our families took us bowling so we could celebrate together. We had so much fun! I think Teo won the game! So we felt like friends when we had our first table read.
A: I met Teo Briones first, because we ran lines together at the test for casting. I met Lexi Underwood around the same time though because we all did the audition testing together. Then once we knew we were cast together we all went bowling to get to know each other better. It was so fun! We all got along right away and had a blast! Teo won I think...it's time for a rematch. I really love the entire cast of the show, we all love to spend time together!

5. What was the overall experience like working on the pilot?
T: I had a great time. The three of us get along so well, and I also had fun with the other kids. The whole crew was awesome too. The director, Joe Nussbaum really tried to get us to be our best, but kept it fun. I was on set every of the shoot, and I loved every minute of it. Being on set is my favorite place to be.
L: In one word - AMAZING!! The WVTF team is wonderful. Everyone was so nice and supportive; we all had fun. Athena has a lot going on from hair and make-up, wardrobe, stunts, and her gadgets. Each department was so cool and was just as excited as us to see the pilot come together. Joe Nussbaum, Tim McKeon, Kevin Seccia, and Pixie Wespiser are the best. All the kids had a great time together.
A: I really loved the whole experience of working on the pilot. Everyone was so kind and fun to work with. We got to go on location for most of the scenes, like Will's house, the school scenes, and Mr. Hamilton's house. Although we worked on location for most of the scenes, we did rehearsal on the Just Add Magic set because a lot of our production team, like our incredible director Joe and our amazing Producer, Pixie, work on Will VS the Future and JAM. We also did Athena's base scenes on set too. It was just a blast to work with such amazing people!! The cast, production team, and crew are all WONDERFUL!!!

6. What was the most challenging scene to film?
T: I think it was my first scene in the show. Where I am with my mom in the kitchen working with all the bills. It was difficult with the timing of all of the business I had to do. Putting the bowl down, turning the faucet actually the wrong way to make sure the water didn't turn on, then getting into the bills and handing Shi Ne the right ones in the right order, with the correct lines. I know it goes by fast, but it seemed to take forever.
L: The most challenging scene was the opening scene when Athena is fighting the robotic arms. OH MY GOODNESS. It was also the most thrilling scene to film. Since this was the first time people would meet Athena and because it was the opening scene, we wanted it to be powerful. We were lucky to have stunt coordinator David Rowden and stunt double Rissa Kilar working on WVTF. They taught me that entire opening fight sequence. David, Rissa, and the WVTF were so encouraging that night. We rehearsed the scene with a foam mat but actually filmed it without the mat.
A: The most challenging scene for me was probably the Hall Pass scene because I ran up the stairs to catch up with Will, but sometimes I would run into extras by accident, so we had to do that part a few times. Also, the lockers would stick, so sometimes it would take Teo a while to open it. LOL! The scenes I was in were not too tricky to film though, since we didn't need a green screen, or stunts, or anything like that in my scenes.

7. What was the last day on set like?
T: It was emotional. We don't know if it is going to get picked up, so we didn't know if or when we would ever work together again, or see each other again. We had a nice little party after where we got to have a lot of fun, so that was a nice way to end it.
L: I had mixed emotions our last day on set. I was super proud of our work but also sad to see it come to an end. Teo and I were the last two actors to wrap. We were filming the scene in the rebel base. I just wanted this great project to keep going. It might sound funny but we had become friends and family and I was going to miss everyone. I was happy that we got to spend a little more time together at our wrap party.
A: For me the last day on set we shot the scene at Will's house, where he drags Hailey in after she is banging on the door. It was so fun to film that scene, I loved it, but then it was also sad that day too because I knew it was the last day I would see everyone for a while. What is cool though, is that we have all hung out quite a few times since then, so it has been less sad knowing that we can all still see each other a lot. We have a blast together!

8. If you could trade places for a day with any character in the series who would it be and why?
T: Definitely Athena! She kicks butt! She is strong and has great gadgets. She is seeing a new world for the first time which is a cool thing to experience. She knows the truth! So I would know for real if Will grows up to be bad or good.
L: It would probably be Furg! Ha! Everyone needs the opportunity to walk in someone else's shoes; especially the underdog's shoes.
A: Probably Principal Rhoads...because his character is super funny, he came back from the future, and he has a battery for a heart...so, yeah...he is awesome! His scenes always make me laugh really hard!

9. What would you like to see for your character going forward should Will VS. the Future go to series?
T: I'd like Will to travel in time. Go into the future, or even into the past! That would be cool.
L: There are so many options for Athena. I would love to see more action/stunts from Athena. It would also be cool to see her soften up a little and develop her friendship with Will. Oh and how cool would it be to see Athena in action in the future!
A: I would want for Hailey and Will to be friends again, and for Hailey to help Athena change Will's destiny to help him become good, so she could help to save his life.

10. What would you say to readers to encourage them to check out the pilot on Amazon?
T: We have something for everyone! If you like science fiction and time travel this is for you. If you want to see a show that reflects the world today, lead actors who are actors of color and also a strong female lead this show is for you. If you like shows with action, and comedy but also with a moral dilemma that talks about taking control of your life by the decisions you make, this is for you. It doesn't talk down to kids and tells them that decisions made at this age will affect them not just in the short term, but also in the long term.
L: I would say that Will Vs The Future has it all: time-travel, robots, action, drama, suspense, comedy, and diversity. This show will keep you on the edge of your seat and laughing at the same time. The entire family will be entertained. Also, we have a strong co-lead female action hero!!! YAY!
A: It is AWESOME!!! It is futuristic, it is for all ages, it is entertaining, exciting, action-packed, funny, and the writing is amazing and the cast did a great job. Plus I love that there are strong girl characters, and that it shows how awesome science and math are...and it helps kids think about their choices and how they can change their future. It is a great family show! Everyone needs to watch it! I think you will love it!

Is there anything else you would like to add?
L: Thank you for watching WVTF, giving us 5 stars, and letting Amazon know you want to see more. Also never give up on your dreams. I am proof that ultimate dreams do come true.
A: Just that I really hope that the show gets picked up to series...I think that people will love it! So make sure you give it a try by watching it on Amazon.com, and then rating it on Amazon and IMDB to let people know if you like it. Then hopefully we will all get to see what happens with the cliff hanger!!

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Posted on Sep 24 2017 by Lisa
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Skyward Q&A

Skyward is one of three newly released pilots on Amazon. Starring Griffin Kunitz, Mia Sinclair Jenness and Caleel Harris it follows three friends on a mission to expose paranormal sightings in their small town. They have their first encounter with an alien life form in the pilot episode and we spoke with Griffin Kunitz (ex-Johnny, Days of Our Lives) about his time on set and how it important it is for everyone to please watch the pilot by clicking here and then taking the survey to let Amazon know you want this show to go to series! The pilot is free until September 30th, which is also the day the survey closes.

What was your first impression of the script?
I thought is was funny and it would make a good show.

How would you describe your character in the series?
Ira is an intelligent young aspiring scientist. He is not aware or does not want to know, that he is unpopular. He gives the show a little comic relief.

How did you prepare for the role?
Once I read the script I realized that Ira really felt like it was me. So I just read the lines as if they were mine. It all felt very natural for me.

Who was the first co-star you met?
Actually we all me at the screen test. It was held at Amazon studios and we all met in the lobby before we went in. Mia, Caleel and I started talking about memes before they even took us up to the conference room where we waited to get called in for our test.

What was the overall experience like working on the pilot?
It was Amazing. Everyone was so kind. It really felt like one big family. My favorite part was getting to do my own stunts. I didn't want it to end.

What was the most challenging scene to film?
The hardest scene to film was probably the first one. The three of us were hiding in the bushes and were supposed to go up this hill. Every time we laid down in the dry grass Mia would get a splinter. It was actually became funny how many times it happened.

What was the last day on set like?
Though we still were having a great time, the last day was really sad because we knew that if the series was not picked up it might be a long time before we could work together again.

If you could trade places for a day with any character in the series who would it be and why?
I would probably try Piper. I actually auditioned for the part of Curtis so I have some idea of what it would be like to be him. I know it is a silly thing to say but it would be interesting to see what it is like to be Piper.

What would you like to see for your character going forward should Skyward go to series?
I would like to see Ira's darker side. I think it would come out if his friends are threatened. Wouldn't it be cool to see what Ira could do if the gloves were off?

What would you say to readers to encourage them to check out the pilot on Amazon?
I loved this show because it didn't talk down to kids like so many shows I've seen. It is smart and funny and I think there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Please watch, take survey rate (5stars hopefully) share about it, thank you!

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Posted on Sep 22 2017 by Lisa
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